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Meaning of Success

Everyone knows what success means, but still, there are countless definitions of success for different people who are working in different scenarios at different places in different parts of the world. Everyone defines the word “success” differently. For some, it may be a reward for their life-long efforts; for others, it may be a job done well. Some perceive money as the true success in their life whereas some perceive family, friends, their character, and contentment as their real success in ups and downs of their life. However, money cannot reciprocate success but real success is being comfortable, focused, determined, and contented in your life.

Our society curates certain things for a person to acknowledge as a successful man, including money, luxury cars, a big home, servants or attendants, and costly items. However, money cannot buy the real happiness of success, although it is a measurement tool for a person to be successful. A person’s greed for money has no end, so he never accomplishes his set goal to be successful, even if he has billions in his pocket. In my opinion, if a person is contented, happy, and fully satisfied with his work and lifestyle, he is said to be successful. Success means being satisfied with all the achievements as well as accepting failures in your life instead of worrying about financial progression (Sturges, 1999). For example, one day, a person wakes up and decides to go to Dubai for a trip, but he does not consider his finances at first. In my perspective, he is not irresponsible or careless. However, he is being able to have fewer concerns and worries, so he has planned the trip and achieved it without financial consideration.

Although some people claim that money cannot buy happiness and success, indeed it is a necessary ingredient that makes up the success story of any person. A man cannot survive without money in society, as the lack of water in the body can kill anyone. If a person does not have enough money to buy the necessities of life for him and his family, he would be devastated. Some people want to build up their careers in the global market, but if they are bankrupt, nothing can make them achieve their dream success. Some elites believe that they can manufacture success because it is practically their due right in a world divided in class systems (Goldsmith, 2010). In a part of the world far away from developing countries, a person dreams of doing social work for the poor population of that region but has no money. How can he build houses for the homeless, serve exotic dishes to famished people, and bring medical facilities to those who are in need? So, money is the building block of everything that a person wants to achieve in his life, whether it is a career, a home, a luxury car, or satisfaction on a long trip to Europe.

In conclusion, success is an abstract and intangible thing, as many define, explain, and judge it differently. It is all about building up character and challenging yourself to achieve what you want in your life at your own comfort every single day to be a better human being. In my opinion, to be successful is to achieve a desired goal or aim in life without having money.


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