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Marketing Research on Case Study: East Chestnut Regional Health System

About 10 years ago, three organizations including “Archway Hospital (AH), East River Medical Center (ERMC), and Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium (NMHC)” created a merger with East Chestnut Regional Health System and since then the system strives to be on the top. The vision of this merger is to make a difference in healthcare by improving care services to fit the needs of the community and be a front-runner in providing superior healthcare services. To accomplish their values and vision of integrated care, quality, and innovation, the ECRH system contracted with top-notch marketing consultants to reach their strategic goals through marketing (Kay, 2007). This article summarizes the analysis of the ECRH findings of the marketing research accomplished by the Faith and Main consultants on women’s health services.

Faith and Main Consultants’ Research Analysis

“East Chestnut Regional Health System” hired Faith and Main consultants to conduct market research through survey methods on women’s services provided in the targeted community. The strategic objective of ECRH in terms of women’s services includes improving the care standards, opening neonatal intensive care, inauguration of the breast cancer center, and recruiting new best-in-market physicians to improve the service line. These amenities have attracted patients and the market competition has pushed ECRH to create and improve services to make people interested in what the facility offers. Therefore, the market research is conducted with the purpose to find what women in the surroundings of the targeted community want out of the ECRH facility. Faith and Main consultants’ report shows that strategic planning of ECRH in the domain of women’s services helped the care facility to craft more successive ideas for the development and distribution of the most effective care services.

Marketing Strategies ECRH Should Consider

The organization’s vision to deliver, acknowledge, and communicate benefits that were promised to the community of women in the targeted area produced better outcomes to enhance ECRH’s value in the healthcare market. The report Faith and Main consultants provided deduces that 72% of women in Chestnut and 30% in the neighboring counties would consider improved facilities of ECRH than other care facilities. Consultants also made the necessary analysis that the women’s service line in ECRH requires communication and marketing planning using some popular social media platforms to better organize and provide healthcare services in order to meet consumers’ expectations. ECRH system should also review its marketing planning for the newly opened centers such as the oncology department, breast cancer care center, and neonatal intensive care center as marketing strategies in this regard need to be done. Consultants also suggested that the performance of all the staff should be reviewed for achieving employee satisfaction. Proper training programs should be initiated to boost employee satisfaction and motivation (Sanders et al., 2022).

East Chestnut Regional Health system is extraordinarily expected to create a pool of expert doctors and physicians for women’s service lines at various departments. The HR executive system should also be created for having access to social insurance so that they can improve ECRH’s brand image around the globe. A strategic-planning session should be held to accommodate better results through effective decisions on the part of officials of the organization. This includes what better actions can be performed to match different departments’ lines such as the oncology department, breast cancer care department, neonatal intensive care department, and pharmacy department line altogether to market needs.


The report Faith and Main provided after the marketing research of ECRH found that the system has also introduced a new women’s service line which has access to nurse navigation for women of all ages which is a completely different initiative from what other healthcare systems offer. This service line has improved infant mortality rates in the neonatal intensive care department. Besides, women’s healthcare services such as annual good women’s physicals and breast care are also improved through this nurse navigation system. The system also provides resources as the report mentioned for women’s care in overall health navigation. Therefore, ECRH needs to price every service in their women’s service line very effectively keeping in view the pricing plans of other competitive hospital systems as well as consumers’ needs in the community.


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