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Margaret Atwood’s Short Poem “You Fit Into Me”

You fit into me

Like a hook into an eye

A fish hook

An open eye.

The four-line poem shortly reveals basic structures. The situation is established, and later, a shift brings in another insight, and then a resolution arises. The first line introduces a positive feeling of love and affection. She compares this fitness to a hook into an eye, suggesting their relationship is secure and real. That they are fit for each other. However, the second stanza,” A fish hook in an open eye,” shows how the persona feels helpless and is in pain after realizing the love she thought was real is not and would wish to leave, but she can’t. As much as the hook in the eye is painful, removing it would be more painful. This means breaking up would hurt more than enduring the pain. It’s a reflection of what most women experience in relationships.

Postmodernism is depicted in various ways. To begin with, LENGTH is short and has little content, just like the relationship. Readers can quickly grasp what the poet is saying in the shortest possible way through metaphors (Atwood, 1987). In the first stanza,” you fit into me like a hook into an eye,” the readers can see the image of two people happily in love. The last stanza,” a fish hook in an open eye,” brings in the picture of someone in pain due to a broken relationship. The length is short but metaphorically communicating. The few words used to enable readers to take every word as extremely important. As per the poem, the little content shows how the relationship had no future, and just like that, the persona seems to be giving up.

Formlessness: an artwork, unlike as it was perceived by the traditionalist, is stronger when shapeless, indefinite, and coherent (Hönnighausen, 2000). The poem is just comprised of two stanzas, each of which consists of two lines. However long the poem is, it describes the persona’s love experience in just two stanzas. Formlessness allows poets to express themselves in any way possible. Not rigidly restricted to any length but rather freed to describe the world as preferred.

Populism is a feature that employs appealing words that are familiar to the readers. Similes used are comprised of things known to the audience. “You fit into me” is a statement mostly relating to love or sexual relations,” as a hook into an eye,” people know how eye and hook are attached in clothing; hence, they can easily relate this to love affairs termed as real.” A fish hook in an open eye” when a fish hook points into an open eye, it’s always painful. This is precisely related to pain, similar to a relationship that never worked. However, the persona is finding it hard to break free.

Punctuation: Lack of punctuation indicates the feeling of not caring or unhappiness, contributing to the overall meaning of the poem. “You fit into me like a hook into an eye” reveals closeness and attachment, just like the hook and eye fit fastened a dress. However, the second stanza,” fish hook into an open eye,” shows how the relationship wasn’t of happiness but rather was that which brought pain and unhappiness. The use of “You’ is a useful feature used by the poet to make audiences feel like the persona is communicating with them, hence creating a bond. Use quotes (“) to avoid the multiple lines that could have been used instead. The lines are in quotes and short, making them appear like sentences; hence, they are considered significant.


Atwood, M. (1987). Selected Poems, 1965-1975. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Hönnighausen, L. (2000). Margaret Atwood’s Poetry 1966-1995. Margaret Atwood Works and Impact.



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