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Management and Prevention of Covid in Urgent Care

The evidence-based topic for the capstone project that will be explored in this proposal is the need for standardized effective communication tools for the management and prevention of Covid-19 in an acute care setting among healthcare providers. This capstone project will focus on the acute care setting at Chandler Regional Medical Centre where poor communication among healthcare providers has led to wastage of resources, reduction in the quality of care, and poor patient outcomes. There have been many reports regarding negative patient outcomes due to a lack of effective communication about SOPs, resources, and potential care strategies which led to the contracting virus at an increasing rate within the hospital setting. With that in mind, the proposal is nursing practice-related because healthcare professionals are tasked with ensuring the management and prevention of Coronavirus. For instance, nurses and healthcare professionals will be involved in monitoring the ever-changing measurements and health conditions of the Covid patients. In many cases, the Covid patients who have been admitted to the Centre will be observed to have the adverse effects of poor communication which makes them unwell very quickly due to medical errors committed.

Covid has potentially done more harm to the arena of healthcare because of the strain of limited resources and the overwhelming nature of the pandemic (Sahu and Kumar, 2020). These errors often occur due to the breakdown of information and history that is involved in patients’ treatment strategies shared among the care provider staff. Failure in communication during trying times of Covid-19 can subsequently lead to potential inadequate care and issues in treatment coordination. This simply means that if the care providers within the premise of the hospital do not communicate effectively, poor communication leads to negative patient care outcomes where patient care often suffers. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, an effective communication tool should be taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, this proposal is to emphasize the importance of communication as an effective tool to mitigate the adverse effects of failure in communication among care providers.


Sahu, K. K., & Kumar, R. (2020). Preventive and treatment strategies of COVID-19: from community to clinical trials. Journal of family medicine and primary care, 9(5), 2149.



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