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Madness Treads Lightly by Dashkova

Madness Treads Lightly by Dashkova presents a mystery that no one but just three individuals can connect a new murder case to the murderer who had caused panic among the people in the area more than a decade ago. One scene that can make one feel remorseful is when Lena receives the news of her old friend Mitya’s death (Dashkova). According to the reports, Mitya died of suicide, but Lena does not believe this. She feels that something is wrong and her friend did not die accidentally, and this can be a murder case. Lena’s intuition can be right given that there had been such murders some years back.

Elena by Zvyagintsev portrays a clear picture of what happens today. Being both divorcees, Elena and Vladimir think they can get comfort from each other. However, their affection for the children they had from past relationships is the main obstacle in their relationship (Zvyagintsev). Elena thinks that with the inheritance she will get from her new husband, she can help her struggling son. There is a new turn of events when Vlamidir announces that his daughter is the only heiress of his property. Vyalimidir is not fair in his decision; Elena also has a right to wealth, and he should have shared the wealth among them.

Unlike other stories from various authors, Lipatov diverts from writing about other crimes but instead decides to bring the crime of moose poaching into the picture.  In Elk Bone, Detective Fyodor Aniskin is trying to investigate moose poaching, the main cause of this crime (Olcott 112). Like any other criminal, the poacher is charged with committing a crime. However, one is left wondering why he is accused like other murderers. The author takes this offense as murder and purports that those found guilty of it should suffer the same fate as other murderers.

The Flood by Zamyatin is a film that portrays Russian crimes. Despite Sofia’s wish to bear children so that her husband would love her and not leave, she does not conceive (Zamyatin, 30). Things get worse when they welcome Ganka who is an orphan. Due to jealousy and the need for attention from her husband Trofim, she kills Ganka during the flood. Whatever Sofia does here cannot be justified, but sometimes, issues regarding love and affection drive people to do weird things in the name of fighting for one’s love. She should have known that when her crime comes to light, no one will support her, and the little affection her husband has for her turns to hatred.

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