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Love never ends Story Analysis


The story revolves around a 7 years old kid Jim, who found out a toy in a trash can which ultimately becomes his only friend. Jim was bullied in his school because of wearing torn shoes and stitched pants. The toy was never actually a toy it was an alien that came from a different world but couldn’t go back. The story goes on and Jim got attached with Calisto. In the end, he sent Calisto back to where he came from.


“Love never ends” is the theme of the story.


An audience is an actual person or persons who will be reading the story. An audience of this story will be the kids from the age group of 7 to 12 years.

Main Characters

The main characters of the story involve a 7-year-old kid Jim, a 45 years of age adult Carter who is the father of Jim and an alien.
Story Conflicts and Resolution
The story begins with a kid going to a school and as usual, bullied by other kids because of his father who did not pay the school fee and also due to the torn shoes he was wearing. Carter, Jim’s father, used to work as a janitor in a shopping center, whatever he earns he use to spend it on alcohol. Jim and Carter live in a hut near a station. A day came when Jim found a toy in a trash can near his house which really appealed him. The toy was never actually a toy, it uses to blink every time when someone appeals him and talk to him. Jim started spending most of his time talking to him and sharing whatever happening to him on a day that passes. Jim named the toy as Calisto, Jim was very close to him until he found out that his father got an electric shock while working. The time they reached hospital Jim’s father was dead. Calisto saw Jim crying, he went into the room and used his supernatural powers to give Carter a new life. Jim saw what Calisto did to his father but after that Calisto stopped blinking. Jim did everything that’s in his hands to make Calisto blink again. While Jim was sleeping he heard a voice coming from the inside of Calisto, that voice was actually a signal that showed that Calisto’s friends were coming. A spaceship arrived, which took Calisto with itself. After that again the same daily routine started, Jim uses to get bullied, his father started working again. Jim got alone. When he lost every hope that Calisto will come back, Calisto returned and this time he came with his friends and started living with Jim.
It doesn’t really matter that to whom or to what you’re loving. What matters is how pure your love is, how dedicated you are to doing that. It’s really true that love never ends.



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