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Lives Of Slaves

During the slavery era, slave’s lives simply meant a lot of work. But in spite of this dehumanization, most of them crafted strategies to revolt. However, the formed rebellion groups could only last a few days. Luckily, their steadfastness and willingness to revolt helped to abolish slavery.

What were the primary factors that created different types of work within the slave system of labor?

The type of grown crop, for example, in rice plantations, would allow slaveholders to hire skilled slaves. For instance, Thomas Prosser hired his skilled slaves, Gabriel and Solomon, to work for him. Also, the middle-class whites who owned small chunks of land would only be able to hire out slaves from the slaves’ holders who owned large pieces of land. In cotton plantations, a driver position was created for a black slave to supervise.

How did masters or overseers motivate slaves to work? Why was violence so crucial to maintaining the slave system?

Different plantations, like in South Carolina, introduced the task system, and depending on the type of crop grown, slaves would work on the assigned work, and upon finishing their daily job, they would get free time to do their work and interests like reading. However, in cotton plantations, slaves would work under the supervision of an overseer who would assign a black ‘driver’ to do the monitoring. Slowing down in cotton plantations meant canning or whipping; to avoid these, slaves had to work hard.

Why was violence so crucial to maintaining the slave system?

Violence was real! Slaves would be mercilessly whipped, branded, and raped to instill fear and to dehumanize them to make them feel less human or inferior, whereby the white slave owners would justify their actions to the slaves to make them think they deserved the dehumanization.

How did slaves resist their status?

In spite of the whites trying to rationalize dehumanization towards slaves, they would continuously resist the act by marrying and forming families. These would give them a home and a sense of belonging. The slaves who were able to read and write would influence others to slow down during work, pretend not to understand what was being instructed, form revolting groups, escape, and also sabotage equipment.

Why were there so few violent slave revolts in the United States?

Rising wouldn’t have made life for them or their families better; otherwise, it would only have made things worse. The slaves felt the need to protect their families. Those who revolted were mostly executed and put to death.

In summary, as a result of constant refusal to accept the cruel acts, civil war broke out, hence helping to end slavery in the world.



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