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Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

This is a fictional narrative with justly set structural elements and rhetorical features. To some extent, it is a narrative poetry characterized by literal language that the writer has used to convey his message (Greenhill and Kohm 35-65). Across the narrative, imagery has been used dominantly to contribute towards the meaning of the Ronald’s work.

The vivid description of the wolf going to knock at Gramma’s door, with his white sharp teeth open, the chronological description of how the wolf puts on Gramma’s clothes and finally sits on her chair, creates a mental illustration of the situation. With the intention of confusing the little girl, the wolf tries to pose as the grandma in the house by even making his hair as grandma’s (Talairach-Vielmas 259-281). The choice of particular words and phrases like, “She whips a pistol from her knickers, she aims it at the creature’s head… And bang bang bang, she shoots him dead,” build the interpretation and connotations of the theme highlighted in the narrative.

The theme of Imposture in the narrative is built by the deep understanding of the two characters; Wolf and the little girl. The wolf is exposed as one character that masquerades as the grandma, when he wants to prey on the little girl (Davies 5). Similarly, the narrator towards the end of this pierce, exposes that when he came across the Little Red Riding Hood, she was longer the same. She wore not the cloak of red, neither was the silly hood upon her head. The entire story seems to carry the message of imposture.

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