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Football is one of the world’s most famous sports, and everyone in the world especially men love to play and watch football. Many football-clubs are famed all over the world, such as European Clubs that are Barcelona, Real Madrid, and MU are trending globally. Besides that most of Europeans aims to be football players due to their beloved stars. At present, there are two most famous players in the world of football, and their names are Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo(The End of Cristiano vs. Messi? “It’s Just Starting,” Says Ronaldo | Goal.Com). 

Leonel Messi is a football player from Barcelona club, and his home nation is Argentina. By appearance, he looks relax with a curly hair and short-body. In Barcelona club, Messi plays football as a striker, and he makes several goals in each football game. Because of his talent, strikers, and similarity to former football professional Maradona, many people call him as a new-Maradona. Till now he has won four of balloon D’or, and he lensed himself to win the balloon D’or for the fifth time and give his contribution and support for the Barcelona club whereas Cristiano Ronaldo is another famous football from Portuguese.  When he was 15, Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart. These diseases result that he might have to give up playing football. He received the treatment and body changes make him very difficult to resume playing the football game. The firm exercise and training help Cristiano Ronaldo to have more strength and effectiveness while in the struggle with the other football players than that of Messi. Furthermore, Both Messi and Ronaldo have brilliant expertise and talents to be the best football player in the world and their unique styles to play football game had made them famous and well known in the world. Messi has outstanding football playing abilities and talent which makes him a great natural-striker.Difference between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is further described from the fact that Messi cannot control his feelings. The home country of Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal, and he is playing football for the real-Madrid club. He has curly and short hair, in real-Madrid his role is as a wing-back but now he mostly plays football as a striker or a second striker, it is because he mostly makes several goals in each football match. Although different with that of messy, Ronaldo has just once selected to be the world’s best player, and he gives his contribution and support to the club. In short, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi have great football playing talent, and both of these well-known players are beloved all over the world. Though they have several contrasts, in my point of view they are an artist of the football ground. And the facts they are giving most of their earning in the contribution to the club(“Messi vs. Ronaldo – Goals, Stats for Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo”).

The struggle that is required by Messi to score a goal is nearly half to that of the struggle made by Ronaldo to make a goal. Messi has the best record to score a goal if the football is anywhere within 30 yards of the goal pole. Ronaldo is taller than that of Messi so it may looks as if he could easily use his head well to hit to the football and make it go where it must go. But Messi could use his head in a better way, and his achievement shows that he is more precise with his head and a better header as compare to that of Ronaldo.

Offensive is better than defensive! It might be correct but being defensive is similarly important in a football game. Studies on the football game have revealed that Messi has a much better and higher attacking speed as that of  Ronaldo. Messi enjoys taking the bull by the horn and is continually shielding his team by making rapid changes by using his legs. Ronaldo is very good at free-kicks, and there are more chances of goals, but Messi has a very higher interruption speed, and it is an important point while covering a football team. Ronaldo is taller to that of Messi and seems to be very powerful, but he frequently went down after sometimes by the uneven interaction with the other players. It is difficult to place Messi in trouble and also after some problematic behaviors in the football ground he keep on moving like a firm bull on his winning job. Permitted, Ronaldo can kick hard, and the ball indeed moves too far away when he hits the ball, but long shots are more dazzling than that of precise(Hodges).

Data is available to demonstrate how unsuccessful long shots could be and the outcomes are far more optimistic if a football player moves forward and makes sure that the ball has successfully hit the enemy’s net. Messi does this most of the time and with several advantages at his sideways as evident from the debate over he indeed appears to be a better player than that of Ronaldo.

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