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Life of Alfredo Perez as a mexican man

Alfredo Perez was a Mexican man who spent his whole life in Mexico. He was a loving and obedient son and husband as well. Alfredo Perez spent years in different jobs, such as truck driver, factory job, and sometimes hammering nails, but none were permanent jobs. Alfredo Perez was an alcoholic and had a lot of affairs but now what was important to him was his family. For self-identification, this story illustrates that men are closely related to insemination, financial things, and moral authority, and all these things are based on a man’s relationship with a woman.

Mothering is called a woman’s bearing and caring for her child as distinguishing social jerkers in Mexico. At the same time, fathering in Mexican culture is a man to have to confirm his virility through fathering many children, especially sons. In Mexican culture, there is always greater significance for men than women regarding insemination.

In the Mexican culture, blood, ties are different for different people for the writer it was not very important. As Alfredo Perez was telling the story of his stepbrother who died fourteen years ago, they were not related by blood, but his mother grieved for him. She also sometimes cries when she thinks about him. The writer’s friend argues that if instead of his brother the writer died his mother would grieve more because he was his real son. But for another person, ignoring the blood ties is a point of pride.

One day, Michelle talks about a trip with her friends Angela and Norma. Angela asks the writer if she is worried about leaving him alone so long that maybe he can use this opportunity for Aventuras, which means adventure, in other words, adultery. But Michelle was not concerned about this because she trusted him again Angela said “Well, sure but do you trust the women? Men cannot help themselves when a sexual opportunity presents itself.” Indeed, man does not resist himself when sexuality is presented to him.

The cultural boundaries have overlapped between different geographies because of immigration and television. They have become more dominant than they were before. This has been proven in Mexico and the United States. The Mexican thinks about Americans as racist because of their sexual roles and machismo, illegal immigrants, and racism are observed and judged. However, not all of them think that some other shows and movies portray a better picture of Mexicans, and they like them.

La casa chica means a small house that refers to the arrangement whereby a Mexican man keeps a woman other than his wife in a residence separated from his main house. The man keeps this house for his mistress. I never heard this word before. He successfully qualifies the conservative ideas about La Casa Chica by mentioning different stories and people who like to have a La Casa Chica.

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