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Law Enforcement Agencies in the US

The Law enforcement officials are seen to be playing an important role at the frontlines in the United States by combating organized crimes that have been ailing the country for many years. One of the main issues that the law enforcement officials are struggling with is the issue of drug trafficking. It has been observed that many of the urban communities have been plagued by the presence of illegal drugs (Moore and Kleiman). With drug trafficking comes gang violence and assaults which have been causing the citizen’s security issues. People fear for their life due to the drug-related break-ins and robberies (Moore and Kleiman). The present paper is aimed at analyzing the issues related to drugs and how it causes problems for the law enforcement in treating the narcotics offenses.

In addition to this, different gangs are seen to be openly dealing drugs out on the streets which have instilled fear in not only adults but in children as well (Castberg). This creates an endless cycle of problems for the police officials as they are at times outgunned and outnumbered (Castberg). Most often the police officials are unable to fight off the resistance shown by the drug dealers. Moreover, the judicial system’s lack of penal punishments for the narcotics offenders leads to the problem only worsening manifold (Castberg). This issue requires immediate attention and resources to treat the problem and reach a resolution (Castberg). An important issue to be noted while discussing the problems created by narcotics offenders is the influence of the illegal drugs on the law enforcement. The American citizens are most often caught unaware of the issues related to drugs as there are various misconceptions in relation to drugs.

Aside from this, the offenses related to the drug are most often referred to as victimless crimes which lead to the United States legalizing the use of drugs (Council). Many people are of the view that with the legalization of the drugs, the medical use of drugs like marijuana could be carried out as well as the crime rate related to smuggling of illegal drugs will be exterminated. However, it should be known that the legalization of drugs does not reduce the social problems instead increases them multifarious (Council). Not only will drugs harm people but will also affect the penal policies that implement punishment approaches on those who commit drug offenses. The Justice system becomes helpless in the face of the legalization of drugs as the law enforcement will be unable to reduce the use of drug-related crimes and gang violence. The public’s perception is limited when it comes to the harms of drugs which becomes an obstacle in the way of the law enforcement institutes.

In conclusion, it can be said that the public’s ignorance is one of the leading causes of the law enforcement’s helplessness in dealing with narcotics offenses. The law enforcement cannot move forward with their strategies if the public will raise campaigns for the legalization of the drugs. The presence of illegal drugs has been ailing different communities all over the United States and has led to an increase in crimes such as drug-related break-ins and robberies. People fear for their lives as well as the lives of their children not only outside on the streets but inside their homes as well. Most of the drug dealers are seen to be openly dealing drugs out in the streets which makes it difficult for the law enforcement officials to handle the situation as they are mostly outnumbered and outgunned. The law enforcement cannot implement strategies to control the use of drugs as the public’s votes for legalization causes an increase in drug use as well leaves space for gang violence related to drugs.

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