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Public Administration: The Foundation of Public Service

Section A Public Administration Public administration includes anything that involves the general public from social workers, police, public schools, and healthcare providers to firefighters to rescuers that are all accessible to the public. It is significant for a country because it provides an essential framework of government to the public in order to ensure every citizen has equal access to essential governmental resources (Frederickson, 2015). Thus, the term “public administration”

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People Organizational Development (Part-B)

Critically discuss the potential impact of reducing individual bonuses on the motivation and engagement of employees within the case study organisation. Introduction Globalization has immensely enhanced the competition among organizations worldwide by converting this world into a fast global village. In this context, the survival of any organization is mainly dependent upon innovative ways to conduct business. The impactful maneuver concerning the efficiency of organizations owes its progress to the

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People Organizational Development (Part-A)

You have been hired as a HR Consultant supporting the HR team in a small independent financial services company. The company has for the past few months traded in difficult economic conditions and has lost a number of key clients. The MD has called a meeting of senior management to discuss cost-cutting initiatives to work through the recovery. At this meeting the company decided to significantly reduce individual bonuses paid

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Child Developmental Theories

Jimmy and Hanna, twin siblings live in a beautiful house right next to my door and are my closest friends, too. We used to go to school and often play in an adjacent park to our houses. They belong to a well-established family but I sometimes have observed their emotional disturbance. They hesitate while interacting with other children in the neighborhood as dysfunctional families do not allow for emotions to

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An Annoying Classmate

Part One.  Identifying and Framing the Problem: Without friends, to make life worthwhile, life would not be as sweet. During my financial accounting class, a voice was whispering about an unbreakable bond and an unrivaled friendship. It has been going on all semester, and I predict it will continue for the remainder of campus life. I’m referring to my close friend and adversary Janice, who I adore but who also

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World Happiness Research 2019

The world happiness research was conducted in 2019 which used various variables to study nations yielding the results data. From the data, various trends have been identified. The trend relates to different nations’ psychological and social factors. The data trend has shown various relationships between variables. Nations with a higher GDP have recorded a higher standing of life ladder that increases or continues to be higher when the GDP increases,

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Why do I Want to Become an X-Ray Technologist?

Throughout my life, I was always fascinated with the medical field because it is an arena extending a helping hand to the unhealthy population of the world and those who are in need of any medical help. The reason why I landed in this industry is I was always interested in helping people and knew that this caring field would make me a better person for the people around me.

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Cybersecurity threats experienced in China

Due to all the cyber security issues that China, as a superpower nation, can cause, it poses a serious threat to most states. Fireball, a piece of malware that takes over browsers, is one of the threats to China’s cyber security. It hijacks target browsers and renders them zombies. The Fireball malware was produced by the Chinese company Rafotech (Afshan & Ali,2021). It can manipulate and hijack user web traffic,

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George Orwell’s major argument in “Politics and the English Language”

The normalization of bad writing leads to the degeneration of any language and subsequently results in political oppression. The distortion of any language reflects that society is in a bad state due to the corruption of the civilization. In other words, language acts as the mirror of society that reflects the state of the world people lives in. George Orwell starts “Politics and English Language” with the refuting argument that

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Oil and Gas Risk Management in Angola

Introduction In organizations operating internationally, managers face challenging political risks that are raised due to the uncertainties and complexities of the increasingly dynamic and threatening organizational world. Running companies or organizations with this complex reality is a daunting task. Therefore, for large oil and gas companies, political risk management strategies are a crucial consideration. The process of risk management in organizations is referred to as the process of identification of

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