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KFC Advertising Campaign

1. KFC is a chain of a restaurant selling fast food d with a specialty in fried chicken. The restaurant, founded by colonel sanders who started selling from a roadside restaurant in Kentucky. He later learned about franchise concept and today there is KFC restaurant on every continent. The product here is hot and spicy fried chicken. The advertising agency has decided to use exhaust drag from a race car and a rocket being launched to portray the fiery property of the product. This advertisement has been paid by KFC outlet in Hong Kong.

2. The target audience in this advert are the individuals who enjoy fast foods especially from KFC the fiery property of the fumes is characteristic to the individuals who take foods from the restaurant. Usually, the product has a characteristic appearance that can easily be identified by its users. Typically, between middle class to upper-class citizens who prefer eating out or ordering already prepared foods. The advert is therefore not for low-income earners or individuals who prefer to cook their meals by themselves.

3. On the advert, there is a racing car producing exhaust drag. The racing car is in motion as indicated by the motion lines on the racing track. An image of a rocket being launched is also used in the advert. The choice of color is also very characteristic; the exhaust drag is colored just as the colors the chicken pieces of KFC. There is a KFC logo and the slogan of the product hot and spicy

4. The subtext in this ad is the metaphor of using the exhaust drag to indicate the chicken product. The advertiser tries to show the consumer that the product he will be paying for is as hot as the exhaust drag from both the racing car and the rocket. The choice of a racing car and the rocket may also indicate that the services offered at this restaurant are fast as these two are known to move at supersonic speeds.

5. The lifestyle here is glamorized. Race cars are not everyday things. Rockets equally are not common to the average citizen. The two maybe probably viewed in blockbuster movies. This is familiar only to those who know race cars or have seen one or maybe have an idea of how they operate.

6. a) The main appeal is to ethos trying to convince the consumers how the product is hot.

b) The specific appeals include;

Association: the sense of nostalgia is created in this ad to the consumers. Most people like their foods served hot and the use of the fiery fumes to indicate the nature of the product is a good gesture to attract the targeted audience.

Sentimentality: the image of the car is sentimental; someone can easily relate to that especially those of the middle to upper class of Hong Kong city.

Explicit claims: comparing the hotness of the chicken recipe is explicit. The nitro produced by the horsepower of a racing car is very hot and this in some sense a bit exaggerated.

Symbols: the symbol used in this advertisement is exhaust drag from a racing car and a rocket launcher.

7. The positive message in the advertisement is that the restaurant offers best services, the meal is depicted as hot and spicy. The negative image is trying to relate vehicle to food it may take an individual to understand the ad especially for the new consumers

8. The message empowers the middle and upper-class citizens of Hong Kong. The advert may disempower the new customer who may find it difficult to relate to the product.

9. We are not told why the product is considered hot, the ingredients or just the reparation procedures have been ignored by the client. Furthermore, the pricing of the product is not indicated in the advert. The ad does not show the realities of foods served in most eateries.

10. The strategy is effective considering KFC is among the top-ranked food stores in the world. When the ad was released it already had a massive impact on the consumers of Hong Kong, subsequently, the reviews on social media are positive and the consumers can relate because it is catchy. The ad targets the middle economy citizens who enjoy buying fast foods and by statistic, this is the larger population in Hong Kong.



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