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Joseph Stalin’s Speech Of 1946

Position Paper

In a world of advanced communication and thousands of news agencies, it is quite difficult to find the truth, for example, the truth of the Cold War. Why did the Cold War begin? You have a diversity of opinions and thoughts, yet you tend to have your own position. By the end of World War Two, the world was subsumed into two ideologies: communism and capitalism. These two ideologies would affect the face of our planet by the end of 1989 with the fall of the Soviet Union. Yet, it is not the end; these ideologies are still warm and aggressive on social media and in universities and colleges.

Joseph Stalin’s speech of 1946 was a clear indication of a new world order through the expansion of the Soviet Union while on the other hand, America had raised itself as the leading world economy and was disgusted with communism because communism was a hindrance to gain more profit by free marketing that ultimately leads towards exploitation of massive level with dire consequences that we are facing today. A world where a single company, like Apple, is richer than a country of 200,813,818 people. Hence, the war began due to the insecurities of the American government and the fear of the expansion of the Soviet Union that was expanding rapidly in Europe; under these conditions, America was unable to sustain its market dominance. People accuse the Soviet Union of being an authoritarian regime. I have not lived under Soviet rule, but I know that the Soviets were the first people who conquered space and provided free school education, free higher education, and big and erudite industries; furthermore, homelessness in the Soviet Union was extremely low.

America has become the mass consumer society in the world; its consumerist urges have led it to a big shopping mall, as George Carlin lampooned it in his acts. They were American businessmen who were most afraid of communism. In the 1950s, many communists were executed due to their affiliations with the Soviet Union; many of them were renowned scholars and writers of their time. Dalton Trumbo and Thomas Miller were among those fellows.

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