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Jazzercise Fitness Plan

The Jazzercise of choice is Jazzercise. Jazzercise is a dance Fitness Company founded by Judi Sheppard Missett. It opened in the 1980s and has its headquarters in Carlsbad, California. It combines strength, dance, and resistance training to provide a great body workout.

Jazzercise And Interesting Facts

Several factors make Jazzercise interesting. The first one is that it reduces the risk of heart disease. In the USA, heart diseases are the number one killer diseases. Shockingly, one out of three Americans is killed by heart disease. However, to reduce the risk, one must be involved in exercises. It is the responsibility of oneself to note the best training that works for him or her. Most people may not have the discipline to exercise on their own. As such, the best recommendation is Jazzercise. They usually have one hour of classes and are required to attend the classes twice a week to reduce the risk of diseases by 50%. Through exercise, the heart becomes stronger, and it can pump blood without much effort. There are endless benefits of exercise, including lowered blood pressure.

Another interesting fact is that the franchise increases one’s energy. Though it might sound funny, the expansion of strength during an exercise leads to more strength. Many people usually have lame excuses that they do not have time to exercise. If one tends to get a schedule of one hour, then he or she will note a tremendous increase in productivity and energy.

Jazzercise produces happiness through stress reduction. In life, everyone experiences the stress of a kind. One way of relieving stress and tension is through exercise. It is proof that fear leads to severe damage to one’s health. For instance, it may lead to weight gain or loss, heart disease, high cholesterol as well as depression. Through a few exercises, such conditions will decrease.

Jazzercise provides the right for all levels of fitness. At regular gyms, it seems there are those who are masters, with muscular. More so, people are not aware of what to do with most of the facilities at the gym. Due to such reasons, there are those who feel embarrassed to go to the gym. Jazzercise has people of different fitness levels, most of them female. Interestingly, people do exercises according to their abilities. There are those who do extra things, making it more laborious, while others just move to their best level. Through that, one can challenge oneself, thus providing room for growth. All in all, it provides a comfortable environment.

Growth And Business Conditions

Jazzercise has grown and has business conditions, as indicated here. Some of the resolutions that people make annually include exercising, losing weight, and quitting smoking. In 2017, Jazzercise was offering free classes for women to develop a healthier lifestyle. The franchise provided the services countrywide, and South Lyon Fitness Center initiated it. The program is known as GirlForce, and it aims at women aged 16 to 21 years. The plan encourages women to attend the classes without obligation or cost. In that case, their requirement is only to attend classes. For unlimited courses, one has to pay $46 monthly. Most teens cannot afford the membership, and that is why they decided to open it for girls over the holidays. Jazzercise has about 50 classes of various formats on a weekly basis. The courses involve Core, strength, flip fusion, interval, and Dance Mixx. There are several male instructors nationwide.

Initial Franchise Fee

If one wishes just to teach at Jazzercise, the cost is about $2500. However, if one wants to own a center, the price ranges from $9000 to $38,000. If an instructor is certified, then he or she is a franchise. There is no limit to the level of investment that one wishes to put.

Net Worth Required

The net worth that is needed in Jazzercise ranges from low to high. For the top cost, it is about $32,750 while low cost is about $3,700. Therefore, initial investment may range from $3700-$32,750. The ongoing fee, on the other hand, may vary from $1250.

Services At Jazzercise

The facilities at Jazzercise may include a sixty-minute cardio workout routine. Besides, there are muscles toning movements and blends dance that get choreographed to the recent hottest music. The music may consist of country, jazz, classics, and funk. Instructors make the workout routines easy to follow and fun. Each class starts with a gentle warm-up which is then followed by an aerobic workout that consists 30 minutes. Others include strengthening segment with weight, muscle toning, and a stretch finale.

The Fee That The Franchisee Pays To The Franchise

The cost that the franchisee pays to the franchise involves a royal price. The royalty fee is usually paid monthly or quarterly. Typically, it gets calculated as gross sales percentage. The payment may also get paid as an ongoing fee that is a requirement for one to remain a member. The money is usually collected by the franchisor to cater to entity actions that may include franchise-related expenses and corporate expenses. The franchisor makes money through the ongoing royalty. The funds may be used to support franchisees in further building the business.

Revenue And Profit

There are various ways in which one can make money in Jazzercise. There are several available Jazzercise instructors, such as the class owner whose business is running his or her classes. In this case, other instructors are working under him or her. However, one can have reliable and dependable income through teaching for others and invoicing per class. One can end up getting $100 to $400 per month.



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