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Letter of Authorization: contains an address of both the clients and official in charge of interviewing the g customers regarding a product. The address state the name of the company and the location. A date is included in the letter showing the time its id drafted. A subject of the message is written below the year. The letter is addressed to sir or madam receiving it which is followed by the short explanation. The letter is signed at the end.

Letter of Transmittal: contains the name of a company on top and two addresses follow, first writers address, date and the company address. Surname to whom the letter is intended is below the address. A written explanation of a persons need short, and below there is a signature of the writer.

James Johnson Company deals with a wide variety of cosmetic products, and most of its products are new to the market. The company aims to sell more products as they can and make customers to trust their products, thus obtaining excellent profits. Capturing customers views through interviews to get any complaint against their products. Some customers have adverse effects associated with Bismuth body lotion and want the company to make changes.


Business reports are a series of documents presenting data and information to for example the board of directors of a company. The report contains reviews from services rendered to customers, promotion and new marketing strategies and company’s financial plan regarding the yearly budget. Business reports are essential in both small scale and large scale organizations as they pass or transmit information from one level to the next. In a large-scale organization, it is difficult for a manager to gather information himself. Therefore, they rely on reports presented to them to be up to date about the organization performance and status. Reports provide details and interpretation of information which makes it easy to understand to the target reader. A manager’s job is mainly to make the necessary decisions to ensure the operation of a company runs smoothly; a report is an aid to decision by manager thus solving problems (Thornton & Grant, 2017). Shareholders, customers, suppliers and government officials need an update on a company operations proceedings. Therefore, report plays a role in communicating with them about the company financial status.

Labor management relationship improvement happens through the use of statements especially in large organizations as there is minimal contact between management and employees. Stories are written, and the company secretary fills them thus serving a base of information in the future. Research about customer’s satisfaction when they use the products is carried out face to face interviews and online products website. Research about the company products gives the company an opportunity to make improvements in case of any faults. Reports obtained from customers at times recommend actions for a company to take to boost the quality of their products. A company improving quality products attracts more customers to purchase their products. Reports help managers to plan, organize, staff and control daily company operations.


Findings involve data presentation and often divided into sections based on research questions and data. Graphs, tables, diagrams, and charts are some of the qualitative analysis used to present findings also use of descriptions and scenarios. James Jackson Company deals with the manufacture of cosmetic products. Some employee’s conducts interviews with customers regarding a wide range of products they manufacture starting from lotions, nails polish, face products and oils. Personnel assigned to conduct research first to find out the opinion of customers regarding the price of each product that the company offers. Significant numbers of Customers like 60% complain about the high prices charged by the companies on body lotions. The company personnel interviews people of different age and states across the United States to access which countries mostly use the body lotion and the target customers. Youths between the age of 15-45 primarily use body lotions. Teenagers apply creams to their whole body to stay moist and to smell nice. Interviewed adolescents indicate that the company lotion products have a delicious smell and its odor is retained for an extended period. On the other hand, aged people suggest that the lotion has a strong smell which at times could cause complications to a person who is asthmatic. The population of youths in the most states across America is vast and therefore Bismuth lotion product, sales increases. Bismuth lotion decreases in units sales due to the high price of the product, and consequently, a significant number of people can’t afford to purchase. States, where the population of youth is low, shows small quantities of products sales (Djankov & Simeon 247). Company personnel also carries research on the other products and find that most of the products are affordable to a large group of people which is good news for the company. People daily earning determine the beauty products to purchase which means if a person income is high it is much easier to afford beauty product which is not a necessity.

As the cost of production rises, the company increases products prices which tends to cut off some customers to use their products (Watson & Kevin, 2017). Economic standards of a country give a positive value when people can afford necessities and other merchandise in an essay manner which is determined by people incomes. Most people love to purchase beauty products online and from company retail outlets. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, and online purchase saves them time and delivery at their doorsteps. Some customers complain that there is a delay in products delivery after purchase and wants the company to improve by employing more people and purchase more delivery vans. Some products are not available in retail store which is far from the company location thus making customers shift to other products offered by other companies. Diva nail polish manufactured by the company is mostly used on toes, and it takes a long time for the shine to come off. Big nail art business mainly uses this nail polish as it is affordable thus obtaining good profit in addition to labor cost. Oils like olive oil, palm oil, and nut oil are mostly used by massage parlor business to ensure that their customers relax in the best way possible. Massage outlet business owners complain that their price of these oils is high thus making minimal profits (Newman and Nic et al., 2017). The above oils are the best to carry out relaxation on client’s legs and backs. Face products like face dead skin remover are few in the retails store, and when customers order online, it takes days to get the product.


Customers Analysis

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It is essential for every business to have to draft business reports every now and them to know their standing. Customers complain many which make to emphasize on improving the quality control procedures. Some customers complain that Bismuth body lotion has a strong smell that can cause harm to some customers. The strong smell of the cream indicates a significant portion of perfume during the product manufacture is applied. Too much aroma is casing away customers due to fear of recurrent asthmatic attack. The company through this report can adjust components proportion used in to manufacture beauty products thus customers satisfaction. Customers complain about increased product prices which makes it challenging to acquire especially for low income earning people. Most of the online purchase deliveries take place when a lot of time has passed since the order. A lot of people will shift to companies with excellent service delivery and which are on time thus making James Johnson Company lose their potential customers. When a customer is satisfied, he recommends the products to friends, colleagues and family members to by the products. If the company fails to meet the customers need it gets a bad name which is bad for business? Customers indicate that some of the beauty products by James Johnson Company like facial products are at a shortage. When customer lack products from the manufacturer they need they shift to other companies whose products are readily available in the market. For a company to retain customers, an organization need to put their demand first before everything else. For a company to expand and make good profits they have to prioritize customers’ needs and make sure they listen, rectify mistakes about products on the market. Companies doing reviews about products offered to customers is necessary as it shows that they are concerned about customer’s wellbeing.


When a company obtains the report about the products manufactured and used by people across the country, management reads the findings. A good quality product attracts a wide range of people to use it. When a product is of good quality, no harm comes to customers who used the product. During the manufacturing process, James Johnson production personnel should make sure all procedures are followed. Some workers are careless, and production is a broad area which needs more qualified production supervisors to be deployed. If the employees in the production process are well supervised, this will make sure that the products available at the market are good. The company directors should do away with production employees and supervisors who relax in doing their daily duties. The company should hire information technology experts to make company software which makes it easier for customers to buy products online. Some facial products are a shortage, and the company management should make new plans to source their raw materials. Raw materials availability makes sure that a product needed by a customer is delivered on time and it is readily available. To curb the increase in products prices the company should establish a source of raw material that is cheap. When production costs such as electricity influence products price, the company should shift to solar or wind power to cut its losses. The company’s production cost makes the value to be transferred to customers through high products prices. The company should put in place measured to make sure even the low-income earners benefit from their products. More customers to the company products is an advantage as goods profits are generated. Customers are most essential part of accompanying because it cannot operate without people to buy their products.

James Johnson company management should pay details to every detail of report finding to ensure any negative comment is corrected. The company should concentrate more on selling products online and advertising them due to people who are unable to walk into a retail store to pick a product. For a company to adjust to technological changes, they have to ensure their software’s are up to date. A company should hire more delivery employees to make sure that products which customers order online are received in due time. The relationship between a company and her clients improves the experience while reducing problems faced by the customers. To enhance customer experience and respond positively to challenges the company obtains customers views. The company should also buy more vans motorbikes to make products delivers comfortable and make sure every customer’s order is given. The company management team should visit other successful companies in a similar field to learn vital that they can apply to their production section to ensure better quality products The Company shall have to state the level of expertise that we want for our customers. Company’s vision for better services should be communicated to the organization at large and especially to the store associates who directly deal with the customers. Their level of professionalism should always be at pa if at all the organization shall be able to retain her customers while continuously improving the quality of service and products. The only way to know whether or not the services and products being offered by the organization are quality is by getting customer feedback. The sifter the feedbacks are, the quicker the process of resolving and improving service and product delivery. James Johnson Company should also ensure that issues raised by any of the customer’s solution within no time.

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