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“Is Your Lifestyle Healthy” And “Are Lotteries Fair”

Although the advertisement makes the lottery sound like a big deal to become rich quickly, the truth remains that all calculations revolve around probability. The probability of winning is very small. However, the advantage for all participants is that it was voluntary. Also, the lottery helps to lower the tax rate because it produces billions of dollars in revenue, which helps the government offer education and other services to the general public. A study in Colorado shows that the population is affected differently at different levels, which are age, level of education and players’ income.

The research by Harvard Nurse’s Healthy Study that started in 1976 has caused an enduring change to the way of life for many. It will probably still affect the future, helping to understand what constitutes a healthy diet, how pollution and chemical exposure influence health, and how to prevent debilitating diseases. So, eventually, through the data produced by the responder of the study, we shall know the factors for longevity and how to achieve healthy old age.

A sample of respondents should represent the population in the study. A sample is taken because of resource constraints when conducting a census. However, the sample must be consistent, transparent, and diverse. The study “Is Your Lifestyle Healthy?” does not have a representative sample because the researcher’s focus is only on the nurse, but it is not only the nurse who is in the population affected by a healthy lifestyle. The “Are Lotteries Fair” study has a representative sample because it touches all sections of the population. The sample size used for analysis includes the population’s age, level of education and income. The criteria for choosing a sample depend on the method you want to use, either probability or non-probability.

The sample study “Is Your Lifestyle Healthy” has some ability to have ascertainment bias. This is because some members of the general public were not included in the sample population. I believe that the result presented for each are meaningful, “Are Lotteries Fair?” from the histogram we can see different categories are affected differently which is true. Those lottery players in High Schools and colleges have the highest percentage, followed by those in age brackets of 25-34 and 35-44, and lastly, players with different incomes, which is lower than 20%. It is true. Those in learning institutions are the most affected by the Lottery and are the same people of lower ages. For “Is your Lifestyle Healthy” it is meaningful because many of the people have put in practice the result of the study in their own life.

The Stronger study is “Are Lottery Fair”. The reason why is that it has touched all population representation and has tangible statistics that we can rely on. The graphical and percentage presentation makes the study clear.

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