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Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa, uniting all African countries under one flag and constitution?


The economic, social, and political advancement of Africa demands the end of colonialism and its domination in Africa. Many leaders of Africa think that neither an irregular act nor a devout resolution can solve the issues of African countries except a united act. With more than 40% of energy and power and more than 60% of gold and other natural resources, Africa lags behind developed countries in the race for growth and advancement. The African countries separately have not been able to manage their resources, whether they were human capital or natural resources. A continent so rich in resources and low on GDP provides a reason for African countries to unite under one constitution for the betterment of the continent, as it is high time to raise the standards of living similar to the rest of the world. This essay analyzes the plausible causes for the unification of African countries under one flag.

Is it plausible to create the United States of Africa, uniting all African countries under one flag and constitution?

Nationalism factually points towards the desire or affection for one’s nation. In Africa, the word nationalism has been used to indicate the brawl of independence or self-determination in counter to foreign dominion. Fundamentally, nationalism is the dogmatic will of the people of Africa in antagonism to foreign command but in favor of the African canon. It embodies African struggles contrary to Western expansionism and colonialism. The question of whether it is plausible to unite African countries under one constitution and one flag has an answer: yes, it is justifiable to assemble them under one canon, and it is the need of the hour. The following are the reasons to support the stance.

Political grievances are the main driving forces behind Africa’s backwardness. The continent full of human capital, the cheapest of all in the world, stands nowhere. If Africa wants to gain its status and internal stability, it needs to regain its independence, which has been controlled by foreign colonists for a long. With the advent of foreign invasion, African rulers were thrown away, and foreign culture was implemented. Internal and external political unrest and instability can be only addressed if African countries join their hands, as Muammar Gaddafi (2010) said, “African unity government is the only way Africa can progress minus Western intrusion, and it will be like United States of America, one day.”

Economic grievances also make it justifiable to unite under one flag to solve the issues of Africa related to the economy. For years, Africans were subjected to forced and cheap labor to work on colonial plants, along with the nuisance of substantial taxes. One reason why Africa didn’t flourish despite human capital is that the colonists always kept them alienated from their land and agriculture. If they get under one constitution, half of the issues related to the economy of the continent will be automatically solved. This rift will help the most underdeveloped countries of Africa to join the pace of progressing countries of Africa. Their cooperation will bring mutual growth.

Social grievances can only be removed when all the 54 states of Africa join together to eradicate social problems. If they discriminate between themselves, the world will not halt discriminating against blacks. Even today, Africans, due to their skin color, are treated as third-grade citizens and have been stereotyped as dumb, foolish, and dullish who cannot be given high posts. Colonial unfairness and tyranny have been ruling them since pre-1945. Rigorous exploitation of their culture has been done. A society only survives when its culture survives. In order to get people to accept their culture, Africans need to work together under one flag to show their importance to the world.

A country struggles for its rights and independence when people in general and the ruling elite in particular have a sense of Nationalism. Nationalism assembles people from different areas under one flag for the welfare of the country. Africa needs that sense of Nationalism to address its economic, social, political, and cultural grumbles. It is plausible that African countries should be joined under one constitution to make them more powerful. In order to fight foreign meddling, they need to stand upon one constitution that is feasible for all 54 states. To fight external interference, internal cohesion is essential, which occurs when all come under one flag to support one cause and stand against the enemy.


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