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Iron Man 2 Press Kit

In this day and age, the press kit has become an important document during the course of the media and the promotional activities of just about any product. The same thing can be said about the movie business (Roberts, 2011). Specially if one talks about the blockbuster culture that one gets to see these days is that how the integrated message about the franchise has to be communicated. In this paper, the Press Kit of the Iron Man 2 is a 2010 American superhero film based on the Marvel Character “Iron Man” (Roberts, 2011).

Stakeholders Targetted in the Press Kit

The main target of the press kit is the end consumer and the movie-going audience. As it is a product that is coming purely from the commercial standpoint, the investors and the experts are not going to be the target audience of the press kit (Roberts, 2011).

Contact Information

Again the press kit has been designed with the completely consumer-oriented standpoint, due to that, one does not get to see adequate information about the Marvel as a whole. Instead most of the contact information is related to the booking dates and other particulars that are important for the movie-going audience to make their decision. From looking at this information from the perspective of the news story, it is important that the star casts feedback, the merchandise information and the synopsis are some of the particulars against which the whole press kit has been jotted down (Roberts, 2011). It serves as just about enough material for the news release to be posted.

Background Information about the Organization

The key thing that has to be seen here is that despite the fact that the press kit in itself is quite extensive (Fritz, 2010). The kit does not seem to have the background information about the organization. Regardless of that, the press kit is quite extensive in the way it is providing the eventual support (Fritz, 2010).

Aesthetics of the Press Kit

One of the reasons that the press kit of the given movie has stood out is due to the fact that how visually appealing it was (Fritz, 2010). It is one of the dynamics of the business as well as the way Kevin Feige started to design and organized the MCEU that the whole cinematic prowesses was tied down to it. At the same time, another thing that worked in the favor of the movie was that how in the long run, Iron Man 2 was witnessed as not only an Iron Man movie, but an integrated part of the whole Avengers which was going to be releasing in 2012 and was hailed as one of the premier products of the MCEU. So it was one of the key thing that has to be kept in mind with regards to the way press kit management was supposed to be carried out. Kevin Feige has made sure that he has laid out a blueprint for the successful Marvel films (Fritz, 2010). The comic movie enthusiasts have to ensure that how they are going to be relating to the content and that again is one of the key components of the way this whole thing and press kit has worked out (Fritz, 2010).


In the hindsight, the successful Press Kit is the one that has a fair idea what is going to be the target audience that it would be looking after. Furthermore, the information and particulars that are provided in the kit should be reflective of the way whole thing is supposed to be carried out in the appropriate manner (Fritz, 2010).


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