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Iron Deficiency Anemia Case Study

In fact, Ms. A is most probably suffered from Iron-Deficiency-Anemia because of her situation and primary treatment in accord with the medicinal based decision. IDA caused when the iron present in the body failed to generate red-blood cells in normal quantity. The facts grounded clinical literature states the lessening of breath and weakness as the main indication of iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Ms. A was experiencing a lower level of energy and bigger patterns of shortening of the breath as she was developing the signs that point out the chance of the development of IDA. The incident of severe dizziness which is faced by Ms. A all through the sporting activities has more added attribute towards the imprecise sign of IDA

Moini in the year 2013 explains the argument of low lower quantity of hemoglobin in his body that is attributed to the treatment of IDA. The level of hemoglobin in Ms. A’s is thirty-two and eight g/dl and has fallen below the usual therapeutic points and consequently, directed the medical verdict making to the treatment of IDA. Sajatovic and Loue explain the clinical argument of IDA concerning anemia from the loss of blood that has arisen with gastrointestinal based bleeding in women and heavy menstruation among men. Moreover, the bodily inspection in the particular situation reveals the pattern of the tachycardia and lower blood-pressure as witnessed in this case study. (Greer, J.P. 2009), deliberates the importance of lower erythrocyte adds up in the evaluation of IDA. Though, the manipulation of other divergence based factors that include anxiety, dehydration, altitude, and medications necessitate cautious study while examining the patterns of IDA with the predisposed persons.

(Greenberg, 2008) Explain the hemorrhage based chronic usage of aspirin is the main reasons that attribute in the growth and development of IDR. In fact, the unnecessary loss of the blood is the primary cause of the developing and growth of severe IDA in the affected persons affected by this disease. The main source of hemorrhage could be numerous, that comprises of menorrhagia as proof from the conclusion in this case study. The hemorrhage lessons the amount of iron inside the body of a human being that results in the post-hemorrhagic anemic occasion. Although, the bone marrow which is activated to alienate the losing of hemoglobin that in the result, reduced the total quantity of iron inside the body. The flaws in the synthesis of hemoglobin mean outcome in the making of the hypochromic that is the proof of the finding of RBC in this case study (Greenberg, 2008).

The facts based clinical writing discovers the pattern of iron-deficient erythropoietin that results in the continuous reduction of serum-hemoglobin under the required amount. In fact, Ms. A has exhibited comparable patterns of manifestation that is similar to IDA in medical terminologies. These patterns of important menses as the outcome of menorrhagia is deliberated as the very widespread reason of IDA in women that in their reproductive age or that are pregnant, as seen in the clinical literature and studies. Hence, the indication of shortening of palpitations, fatigue, and breath, nervous breakdown and dizziness are followed by heavy menses needs instantaneous medical consideration with the aim of proficiently tracking Iron Deficient Anemia in the predisposed persons. In fact, the less severe IDA in young ladies has no indication of signs. On the other hand, the modest to very severe type of IDA enlarge its manifestation of tachypnea symptoms from the complete body tests of the infected person.


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