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Internet’s Effect on Public Opinion


Time witnessing major breakthroughs in science and technology as we are marching ahead in time. Social networking through the internet is one of such platform that enables common people to look at a positive and negative aspect of different things in our surrounding. Ever since the advent of the internet, this technology has broadened the mind of people about certain brands that we mostly use. Social media activities are very meaningful influencers. The Internet has been used broadly across geographical boundaries for accessing instantaneous information and communication. There are many powerful agencies around the world like BBC, CNN, LBC, and Monto Carlo, etc. that can change person’s opinion about any well-known brand. The Internet can serve both as a positive and negative source of implementing its thoughts about certain things.


Internet put an impact on the public opinion in concerning among different brands. It is the era of technology and science where people are engaged in the social networking. People across the globe have now become a part of a networked society (Holtz, 2002). The literacy rate is increasing in this century and more people are getting educated. People mostly spent their time on the internet about getting information about different things and brands. Media is encouraging the people to view the brand information such as its Website URLs. Due to this access, the viewers are coming to know more about that brand. Moreover, people mostly depend on the media as a home of information deprived of even knowing whether it is correct or not. Additionally, the media is a very dominant weapon that can swiftly change people’s perceptions and opinions in a little time (Howard 2001). For example, a news report regarding about a product may cover and emphasis only on one aspect of that product, and fail to discuss the other part, which will make the spectator, believe on that side and skip the other.

Furthermore, nowadays news broadcasters and reporters start giving their own judgment which many populaces take as final fact, as a consequence, they keep false idea about that certain topic ( McCombs, 2013). The people who governor the mass media are called the elite and they are positioned at the top of the pyramid. They own the whole thing and they are among those who take the choice that regulates the way a culture work. They influence the people by giving and spreading a certain news rather than others and make the audience think that what they have offered is the true image (Isoraite, 2015). Instead of this, media can promote a positive perspective of any brand by showing its importance and benefits.

As the internet changes many person views about different brands, it also does changes persons view the world famous brand “Apple”. The main reason behind its success is that media covers its news more than any other company. According to Pew research center study, it’s being shown that in the past year, headings about the Apple grabbed up 15.1 percent of tech newscast coverage. One of the reasons for this is that the readers want to know more about Apple than any other company. This is because the Apple is providing new technology that all come in a way that’s easy for consumers to understand. One other reason that affects the public opinion about Apple is that most of the organizations rank worldwide products on many metrics, and all the main one of them declared the Apple as world’s successful brand. For example, “the Forbis” list positions Apple’s product as twice as valuable as Microsoft, and far more successful than Google, the second. This ranking influences people opinion that is most valuable brand and that they should use the products of Apple.

Table 1: Forbes list of valuable brands

Rank Company Name Brand Value ($Bil)
1 Apple 170
2 Google 101.8
3 Microsoft 87.0
4 Facebook 73.5
5 Coca-Cola 56.4

Many journalists are engaged in promoting some perspective about the brands on the internet to influence people thinking about these products. These influences can have a positive or even adverse effect on a person’s opinion. According to Berkowitz, there’s debatably no other brand in the world with that much fame and practical possession of the conventional media to the level that it can continuously rely on the media to extend the word for them. Moreover, about the Apple employs he says that at least a skilled if not very gifted cluster of media managers. These views by different persons can strongly influence the thinking and opinion of a person about Apple. This certain opinion can harm or can become a source of triumph for that brand, but it depends on news that is being presented. It can be shown in positive aspect or negative aspect as well.

Regardless of Apple’s fame through new on the internet, some news is becoming the source for a lay down the status of this brand. In the Dawn News on 08 March 2016, a piece of news came with the headline that Apple computers faced their first effective virus attack ending the air of invincibility attached to the world’s top electronic product. According to this news a virus been inducted into the device, which locks the user’s file until ramson, is paid. That news frightened people who once thought that Apple is much secure than any other brand. By that news, people come to know that even Apple devices can be compromised by viruses. So, that one headline from the media changes many people perspective about that specific brand.

There is certain news that came from different channels or different media sources that engage the positive or negative side of any brand. As Apple is providing with best quality products and technology, it’s prices are undoubtedly high due to such new technology. But many news channels promote the thinking that these prices are imperfectly high. The presentation of these news gave persons incorrect idea about that brand’s excellence. As on Sept 11, 2013, Dawn news published news that Apple suddenly increases the prices of phones. That news affected the Apple market, but mostly it influenced the people’s opinion. But regardless of such these news, Apple manages to increase it’s profit constantly. Nearly two-thirds of the Americans have got Apple products due to its such great image created by the media. Media is constantly promoting the Apple brand’s benefits which have a great impact on people, so they are buying these products.


In the Era of modern technology where people are learning and viewing about different things through the internet, people views can be meddled by the intrusion of the internet. People are so attached to the internet that they only believe the things that are being conducted towards them, and they remain uninformed from certain aspects. Marketing of Apple brand through different media sources has shaped the positive image of this brand into the people minds. Also, the results in comparing of different brands also place an optimistic view of this brand. But, some of the journals are opposing this great brand accomplishment by implementing the deleterious judgments in other persons mind.


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