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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) in PepsoCo


The term integrated marketing communications (IMC) refers to the utilization of strategies of marketing for the optimization of the communication of a persistent message to the stakeholders of the company. Such methods are imperative to harness the advantages of every channel. Accompanied by various methods, it results in a much greater impact. The IMC mandates marketers to point out the boundaries surrounding the mixed elements of a promotional nature and to take the efficiency of the message of the campaign into consideration. Therefore, it is a process of planning with an emphasis on the integration of messages across a wide range of executions, communications, media, and stakeholders.


PepsiCo is a major organization functioning on a global scale and is included in the top 100 of the Fortune 500 organizations. The only viable competitor of PepsiCo is Coca-Cola which is the leader in the non-alcoholic beverages market. In addition to the great flavor provided by PepsiCo, its unique relationship with its customers and its market presence have contributed greatly towards its position in the market. However, the important role played by the IMC tactics of the company in achieving this status cannot be discounted.

The Traditional Venue

PepsiCo has always spent huge amounts on advertisement and this has maintained its brand image over the years. The advertisements serve to persuade the customers about the products of PepsiCo and reaffirm their belief in the company. Therefore, the advertisement, in addition to maintaining the customer base, also grants it a competitive advantage. The ad campaigns are established in a manner so as to enhance excitement and create a bond with the customers. The traditional methods include movies and physical advertisements utilizing stars. Also, its utilization of techniques like offers and competitions also enhances its reach to the customer base. Before the advent of the internet, PepsiCo used outdoor advertising techniques to capture the attention of the customers.

The Digital Venue

However, with the rapid advent of technology, the bulk of advertising is now focused on Internet marketing. Therefore, PepsiCo has made use of online platforms, such as YouTube, to develop relationships with its customers. Other social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also used to engage customers. Furthermore, online advertisements constitute a vital part of the marketing strategy adopted by PepsiCo.

PepsiCo has always laid emphasis on the promotion of the company’s brand via important social events. Global events, like football or cricket matches and world cups, are always highlighted by a strong presence of PepsiCo. In addition to sponsoring a majority of such events, PepsiCo is highly involved in advertising the tournaments.

Therefore, it can be said the IMC strategies of PepsiCo are an amalgamation of both traditional and digital venues. However, the campaigns of sales promotion serve as a very critical portion of the IMC mix of PepsiCo. Through it, the company forms a bond with its customers by engaging them. The campaign “Live for Now,” by PepsiCo in the past, is a notable example of engaging the customers. The advertisement for the campaign demonstrated various activities in the summer and people enjoying their time. Therefore, the advertisement portrayed Pepsi as a great partner to enjoy the summer season.

Analysis of the Effectiveness of IMC

By incorporating IMC, PepsiCo attempts to consistently convey the message to its customers that Pepsi is a vital component in the joys of the people and it is cool to enjoy any achievement with Pepsi. Moreover, the packaging of the products of PepsiCo also serves as a major contributor to the branding of the organization. The innovative and stylish packaging, like the limited edition cans, are notable example of this fact. The advertisements of Pepsi create a buzz in all the spheres of the media. Also, the public shows arranged by the company are highly successful in maintaining and enhancing the popularity of the company within the global market. Therefore, it can be said that the IMC mix of PepsiCo is highly effective.



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