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Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) Essay


The field of Information Technology is revolving and over the last few decades a lot of changes have take place. The cloud computing, mobile computing, internet revolution and social media network have been introduced and the change the society. But the amazing technology which intends to change the world communication and data collection techniques is the internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the major revolutions in Information Technology taking place in the modern world. Though it was discovered few years back by Kevin Ashton, it has been at the verge of exploding of late. Previously, data used to be gathered physically by human through scientific methods. However, the invention of IoT has changed the perspective and the way data are gathered and transmitted for use. The Internet of Things is the connection of different devices to transmit data to a central place. The concept of IoT is applied through installing an identifier or a sensor on a devices and wireless connection so that it can collect information and transmit in real time for analysis. For instance, NASA has sent robot to the moon and other planets to gather data and rely in real time.

Research has established that IoT is a technology which scientists need to analyze its impact to the environment. According to Abendroth, Aaron and Nicholas (2015), IoT is universal in terms of implementation since it has been reported that even human are implanted with devices to collect data and transmit for analysis. Besides data analysis the technology is also being used to enhance security through tracking of people and other devices. The IoT identify where a device or a person is located anywhere in the world and the transmitted from any location can be appropriately analyze (Abendroth, Aaron, & Nicholas, 2015).

Literature review

How IoT has changed the environment

A lot of things have changed since the invention of IoT. Most people do not understand that drone is an example of IoT. According to Davies (2015), Drones are connected with sensitive camera to gather data and relay to the central server immediately for analysis. It is being sent to the battlefield and other unreachable environment to collect information which can be useful for the community. Besides being used in battlefield areas, the system is used for security purpose to provide real time video for various locations. Therefore, IoT has facilitated the improvement of security; it also provides consumers with an option to connect to homes, clothing, automobile, accessories and other activities which are conducted daily so that monitoring them can be efficient. As stated by Davies (2015), IoT has overhauled the way people interact to technology and also changed the way human used and apply information technology in their daily lives.

The IoT has changed how enterprises conduct business and especially conducted market research and information about customers. It is noted that several organizations do not depend on the report from the distributors or supply chain. Davies (2015) illustrated that organizations have installed sensors at their warehouses and stores to monitor and remote the behavior of customers to allow them to understand the market segment (Davies, 2015).

Approach to the Need of IoT

The IT companies must come to the realization of faster and reliable internet to relay data to most servers across the globe and also must upgrade infrastructures to be able to provide IoT services which is the latest technology being applied by several organization. The IoT requires specially standardization and codes for it to operate effectively and therefore, it is important for IT companies must define the code and improve internet infrastructure so that IoT can operate without facing internet breakdown. It is noted that by 2020 all devices shall be interconnected to deliver data to specific destination and for this to operate the industry will require several professionals in the field and best equipments which can accommodate the intended flow of data. The installation of IoT requires servers, internet connection and devices, sensors or identifiers which are connected. It requires an organization to conduct a broad research to understand topology so that it can avoid frequent breakdown which can interfere with the operations of devices under IoT.

An essential signpost of the basic importance of the IoT concept is the calculated activities of major ICT vendors or firms in the provision of IoT services. The organizations that provide telecom, industrial infrastructure, cloud computing networking, and enterprise system must derive a strategy to offer IoT services. It will transform the broader economy to improve connectivity. Examples of some of the leading IT companies in the provision of IoT service are Amazon Web, AT&T, Ericsson, Cisco and IBM, which leads to the transformation of ICT worldwide (Lucero, 2016). It integrates devices together and allows them to share information efficiently.

The Future impact of IoT

It is predicted that IoT intends to alter the world and by 2020 almost 26 billion devices shall be connected together. The IoT services are also expected to generate approximately USD 300 billion annually. The customers would be able to get customize products and sell at easy, they will also be able to travel without experiencing traffic jam since IoT would be provide alternative routes when the car is connected to IoT. Above all, companies have started manufacturing cars which are connected at a central to offer self driven services. Tesla and Google have launched self drive cars to provide taxi services and more are expected by 2020. The future computer system or internet connection is expected to be faster and efficient to provide mass self drive cars in populous cities like New York and other cities like such services have been launched.

The IoT will also facilitate the tagging of human being with sensor so that data related to various activities can be transmitted. According to Mohammed and Elmustafa (2017), IoT will allow physicians and doctors to monitor and track the health status of patients. The revolution of IoT will allow the installation of sensor and identifiers to anyone so that if there are any changes in the health status, information is sent promptly to the doctors for analysis and quick actions. Therefore, customers would be healthier, safe and protected due to IoT devices (Mohammed & Elmustafa, 2017). The IoT is greater charger in the IT field which intends to connect devices and allow them to exchange data as well.

The IoT will allow organizations to offer better services to customer after studying customers behave and the need of the products. The technology is installed at shops and on customers to allow it to collect and deliver data appropriately (Khatu, Neethu, Pratik, & Syedali, 2015). These will allow companies to collect related data about customers so that a company can design a product or improves on the service delivery based on the result from the data analyzed. However, the intention of most researchers to connect devices which were not previously connected, such as aircraft, cars, and other to make sure that they could be traced and also gather data at the same time. According to Khatu, Neetu, Pratik and Syedali (2015), aircraft can be connected to other devices so that it can collect data related to weather and temperature as well which can be useful in weather planning. It is expected that the internet will connect different sources of information such as mobile phone, computer, human being’s sensor, laptops and security devices so they can transmit data appropriately to the relevant servers. The IoT is expected to revolutionize the ICT industry to bring a change in business and how to manage business as well.

Challenges of IoT

The most challenging task about IoT is data protection and security of the system. It is noted that IoT involves the transmission of data over a long distance and the data is likely to compromise if not protected problem. The role to protect IoT devices and network infrastructure is importance for the future growth of technology. If the personal data of an organization is compromised the company is likely to face lawsuits and hefty payment as a result of court cases. Therefore, an organization must secure IoT at the infrastructure level not only at the devices. The securing of data will ensure that it is impossible to hack the system and also access data gathered by devices connected to IoT.

Lack of technicians who are experts in the field of IoT is also challenge for the growth of IoT and therefore, there must be a well planned structures or plans to train enough support team. It would not be possible to realize 2020 dream of connecting 26 billion devices if technicians are fewer in the industry. The traditional organizations lack the expertise to program chips and connect them until they can be able to communicate efficiently. It is important to note that the fact that several people and organization are getting connected to IoT, it is important to avail support and also build a good secure network which can ensure that data are not breached, hacked and tapped so that data remain secure all times even when being transmitted.


It is recommended for ICT companies to lay down a better infrastructure which can support the operations of IoT since its demands in terms if internet speed and support would be much higher compared to other services. For a company to offer IoT services to corporate and other firms in the market, security and efficient infrastructure is a must since the entire system can be comprised if the system is hacked. As stated by Gubbi and Slaven (2017), security implementation determines the safety of devices and information being transmitted and therefore, a secure data requires safety policies and system protection. It is also recommended for ICT firms providing or preparing to provide IoT services to business to upgrade network system to fourth or fifth generation technology which can allow sharing of huge data over a longer distance (Gubbi & Slaven, 2017).


The IoT is a major breakthrough in ICT and it has brought several changes in the industry and still expected to change the way businesses are connected. It has made sure that devices are connected and can collect and transmit data and therefore, changing the way research is conducted. The system has been used by military and other companies in the security sectors to improve security of country. It is also expected to change the human interaction and provide the best alternative method for weather collections which is vital for the environment management. The future of IoT depends on the internet and the expert and therefore, it is essential to improve network infrastructure so that ICT providers and have stable and reliable services which do not depend on the distance and can provide IoT services across the world.


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