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Imagine by John Lennon

Question no. 01: Why do you think Lennon’s Imagine speaks to so many people at such a deep level?

In my opinion, Lennon’s Imagine addresses all the inhabitants of the world disparaging all the religions, borders, restrictions, and everything that can divide the people of Earth. He asks his listeners to imagine a world where everyone accepts each other without their differences regarding borders, possessions, and religion. The underlying meaning this song conveys to its listeners is that all such conflicts lead to war and if these conflicts do not exist in the world war would become an obsolete thing that will lead to ultimate peace in the region. It seems that Lennon through his song tries to persuade people across the world to be on guard against the conflicts that separate and divide us. Thus, the simple notion of a world without war and differences resonate with millions of people across the globe combating the conflicts and challenges the world brings in the name of an individual’s life, society, and politics as Myers and Noebel in Chapter 13: Sociology of their book “Understanding the Times” mentioned the notion of no war to exist on the world happily (Myers and Noebel, 2015).

Question no. 02: What is the thesis of this song? What is its main message?

John Lennon’s Imagine is a song about world peace and harmony that persuades people to live with each other in order to attain these positive characteristics to live in a world with no priorities or restrictions by gently saying “stop finding excuses for war.” The main theme, therefore, is that people should tolerate each other religious, racial, hatred, and other social and cultural differences so there should be no war on the Earth as Bible also states no war “A time to love and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace” (ESV, Ecclesiastes, 3:8) as the world has already spent so much on weapons and war than on feeding the population of the planet. Thus, the thesis this song incorporates is that imagine peace and love without considering any religion, country, or possessions to make this planet a worthy place to live in.

Question no. 03: In what ways, is it possible for a Christian to appreciate or enjoy this song?

The opening lines of the song “Imagine there is no Heaven, it’s easy if you try… No Hell below us, above us, only sky” (Lennon, lines 1-2) try to disparage all the religions and the possible conflicts they bring to humanity as in Lennon’s view, disparaging religion ought to bring all the people together and so there would be no war. The lines indicate a worldview for all the people out in the world and Christians, in particular, that if there would be no religion, there would be no fear of Hell for anyone and no merriment of Heaven for anyone as everyone will be free and equal under the same sky and on the same earth. Therefore, despite this song delivering an atheist tone, a Christian should join hands with all people in spite of religious differences in a “brotherhood of man.” However, a true follower of Christ should remember as a Christian that nothing in the world changes if actions are coming from a sinful heart as imagining a better world without a change of heart does not cut conflicts and challenges the world is been through due to theological differences. (Godawa, 2009)


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