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how to minimize the negative impacts of concussions on football players

Football is known as one of the most renowned and playing games of the world. A vast majority of people were directly related to the game of football. It is crucial to understand that although the feature of football come up with some real enjoyment, some serious health concerns are also necessary considerations involves in this manner. A concussion is known as the major concern related to the element of football playing. It is a witness that football players immensely suffers from the issue of concussion (Crepeau). The problem of concussion hit players during a game of football or even in the practice session. A concussion can be a life-threatening factor in both cases. It is essential to address the issue of concussion when it affects a full-fledged player or a student.

The severe implications of concussion in the football demand to consider it a serious issue and make necessary preventive measures to deal with the health and life concerns. The aspect of concussion is directly related to the player’s brain, so doctors, coaches, and the health researchers vastly focus on initiating necessary steps in the game of football to safe players’ life. Here, the focus is to discuss the elements of football and concussion to bring some conclusions that can be beneficial to minimize the negative implications of concussions on football players.

Playing football undoubtedly involves large health risks. Football is known as one of the common sports in which chances of injuries are immensely high. These particular health concerns of a different minor and major injuries in case of players are vastly known as people widely understand the scenario of the football due to its commercialize pattern. Individuals remain enthusiastic during their life for playing football even in the high school to the NFL football. It is also crucial to understand the feature of injury which directly involves the facet of football playing. The game of football can be characterized as a violent game that comes with many serious health concerns. Concussions are known as the most common head injuries in case of playing football, and all the stakeholders are immensely concerned to figure out that what can be done to save athletes from the adverse consequences of serious head injury or trauma. Different organizations related to the field of football playing trying their best to prevent players from the injuries as much as it is possible.

It is easy to apprehend the idea that whenever an athlete enters the field to play, he is putting his body in great danger, which comes with the factor of injuries. These injuries mostly come with the feature of head injuries which can be life threating for the football player. The statistics deliver by the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows that every four out of 1,000 football players in High School Football have to suffer some injury. Statistics are alarming as it indicates that how many individuals can put themselves in the danger of their health and even form the major threat to their lives. This particular phenomenon also immensely exists among collegiate and university football players (Delaney et al.). The statistical numbers are high in case of college-level players as compare to the players belongs to the high school. Different sort of injuries become the immense concern in case of high school players. The particular phenomenon of concussions is also immensely dangerous in case of NFL who immensely suffers from the issue of head injuries. The reports of CBS Sports show that more than 61% of former football players come across the problem of concussion during the league. This particular form of information is alarming which make necessary for the football organizations to rethink on the overall structure of the football playing and take necessary steps to save the life of players as much as it is possible. It is notable to mention that no doubt organizations take necessary steps time to time to ensure the health concerns and safety of all the football players, but still there is the need of the address the issue of concussions with better results.

It is interesting to mention that although the high risk of the health and life is involved in case of playing football, still people are immensely passionate about the game of football. They literary put their lives in immense danger to feel the facets of passion and joy which is associated with football playing. The necessary form of encouragement from the fans also motivates professional players to play football for their fans as much as possible. The game of the football is the physical game which comes with many health concerns. Injuries are one of the major concerns when playing football. These injuries are sometimes so chronic that it creates the feature of life threat or the permanent form of disability for the players (Pellman et al.). Concussions are known as one of the most discussed injuries in case of football playing which affects the features of the brain of the players. These particular injuries can lead to the chronic form of brain disease known as the chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). It can be identified as the chronic brain disease which comes with the implication of head trauma. This particular brain disease is a witness in the case of athletes mainly due to the negative features of many concussions. It can be articulated that the paradigm of concussions ultimately become the reason for the severe brain disease of CTE (McKee et al.).

Anthony Tony Dorsett and NFL All-Pro Leonard Marshall can be identified as some of the cases which suffer from the health problem of CTE. CTE can have immensely negative implications in the case of victims. The particular feature of CTE can cause loss of memory. Dementia, the prospect of depression, and the different sorts of difficulties particularly related to the emotional and cognitive features of the human body (Guskiewicz, Marshall, Bailes, McCrea, Harding, et al.). The professional level of football playing indicates plenty of concussions cases which are reported during the football games. It is notable to mention that there are some unreported cases which can be observed in case of thousands of children who play football and suffer from the problem of concussions injuries on a daily basis (McCrea et al.). High school and college level students are immensely affected by the happening of the concussions during their football playing.

Proper and timely diagnosis of the concussions injuries can be effective to effectively deal with the issue and avoid the complications of the CTE in case of football players. Doctors and researchers try their best to formulate the effective and efficient form of diagnosis to ensure necessary preventive measures. The prospect of effective management and the cure of the particular issue of concussions are the major concerns which can be helpful to decrease the growing statistical numbers of the head injuries in case of football players. The necessary inferences about the feature of concussions also help to understand to understand the connection between the aspect of football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. One of the crucial aspects which need to be understood in case of concussions is that it is observed that players never consider the feature of the minor head injury during the game seriously. They came back into the game after the immediate medical aid. This kind of practices can negatively impact the overall health perspective of the players concerning the brain complications.

It is crucial to consider the complications involved in the problem of concussions. It is evident that the feature of the concussion can have long-lasting effects on the individual which comes with the many chronic health concerns. Previous head injury can be the reason for severe complications in the future life related to many facets of brain diseases. These particular health concerns can be characterized as the cognitive impairment (MCI) and even the loss of memory in some cases (Guskiewicz, Marshall, Bailes, McCrea, Cantu, et al.).

In the end, it is necessary to mention that health and life assurance of the players should be the prime feature of the game which cannot be compromised at any cost. There is the essential need to consider and adopt the necessary preventive measures to avoid the problem of concussions injuries during the game as much as possible. Proper utilization of helmets can be considered one effective way to avoid brain injuries. It is crucial to provide the necessary and timely directions to the players about their health and safety during the proper football game or even a practice session. It should also be vastly encouraged in high school and college level to provide necessary health knowledge to the players of football. The prospect of football should be encouraged as the healthy game rather it becomes the reason for severe health concern or even the cause of death. Possible symptoms should be considered seriously in case of every individual player to provide the necessary medical aid to the player on a timely basis. The modern form of effective equipment can also be helpful to decrease the chances of concussions in case of football.

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