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How to Make the World Better Economically

Nowadays, the burning desire of humanity on the planet earth is to establish and maintain goodness based on justice and equality. Such a dream can never come true without economic betterment in society. Certain worms and hurdles are there in the world that cease the welfare process in this regard. Undoubtedly, all the well beings, prosperities and welfare are dependent on economic betterment to make societal quarters purposeful and peaceful. The utmost need is to point out the wicked and terrific deeds that prevailed in society in this concern. This piece of writing will explore the ways to make this world economically better by elaborating on the ideas of ‘Tired’ by Langston Hughes, ‘A Better World’ by Dean Baker, worms according to my viewpoints and ultimate goals in the light of stated renowned scholars.

As far as the poem ‘Tired’ by Langston Hughes is concerned, it mainly reflects a common person’s feelings of welfare, buried under the blanket of injustice and prevailing cruelty in society. Any sensible and wisdom-oriented person like Hughes feels to chalk out the problem for possible solutions in such situations. The general public may feel void of power and energy to estimate and understand ongoing circumstances in this concern. At such moments, people wish to make this world beautiful and good even by dissecting it to the know reality. The poet arouses such a wish in this poem.

Similarly, the thoughtful article ‘A Better World’ by Dean Baker reflects on the economic backlash of adopting the current policies in the near future. The present economic policies and strategies in the USA have been formulated to favour the rich and elite class. For example, only the health industry act like a worm by digesting $400 billion. Such a huge chunk of the national economy is bestowed to colossal drug companies. In this aspect, the economic policies and strategies will create an economic debacle till 2025 by increasing poverty, accumulation of wealth in few hands, increased joblessness and worldwide recession with extreme conditions.

However, I am tired of looking at economic disparity and inequality conditions so far in my country and worldwide. Economic equality, prosperity and welfare of the common person are long-awaited. According to my perception and viewpoint, the biggest worms are those entities that are responsible for economic instability. For example, in the drastic pandemic wave of COVID-19, all the small businesses got the worst cut globally. But large and colossal companies relating to information technology and drugs earned profits manifold. In other words, the disastrous situation around the world proved fruitful for these massive companies and increased wealth of riches.

Furthermore, even according to DB, it is like hail the wealth from all hands to a few hands based on economic policies. Small assets cannot compete with these colossal companies at domestic levels and even on the international level. Such policies and strategies are actual worms, according to his viewpoint. In other words, from the domestic to international level, these soc called economic policies and strategies act like worms to ensure injustice in societies. Globalization also has paid its tribute to enhance the wealth of riches in the world. The trade policies devised under WTO also reflect the same pattern to give advantage to already established companies and quarters worldwide.

Furthermore, in this scenario, my utmost desire is to devise such a mechanism to make this world economically better. So, to make this world economically better, it is essential to utilize such money for the welfare of human beings. For example, launching programs for free healthcare facilities for poor people is appreciable. Similarly, child care and education for children can best use such wealth. In addition, any program to help the homeless population chunk in the USA can bring change. Such ways will help rectify worms so that this world can be a happy place to live in peace and prosperity based on economic betterment.

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