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How the Interactive Whiteboard and the Socrative Technologies can Enhance Rapport and Communication in Classrooms.


Technology advancement is changing the field of education in many ways. Most of the technology tools used in classroom aim to make learning easier, improve communication and enhance rapport. The use of various technological tools has positively impacted the lives of students as well as the teachers. The paper aims to illustrate how the interactive whiteboard and the Socrative technologies can enhance rapport and communication in classrooms.


Socrative is a web-based tool that enables teachers to give quizzes to their students. The tool is cloud-based Student Responses System (SRS) that allows administering of varied question types. It enables almost instant identification and addressing of the gap in understanding and knowledge since it provides immediate feedback to the instructor and student. The use of Socrative increases the students’ engagement and enthusiasm thus leading to an advanced academic preparation that improves performance. The teacher can prepare quizzes or questions for students to work on as a team or individually. The students interact with each other and with the teacher when they tackle the questions as a team thus leading improving communication which enhances rapport. Socrative has enabled the teachers to easily and quickly deliver their tutorials or lectures leading to enhanced interaction with students, and as a result, there is a better learning experience. The recent survey reveals that 65% of students agree that Socrative increases interaction during lectures.

The interactive whiteboard (IWB)

It is a large board that is touch sensitive and controls computer connected to a digital projector. The IWB is also known as the SMART board or the electronic whiteboard. The IWB use in the classroom can increase interaction between teachers and pupils. The continuum of teaching context that enables interactivity is, teacher as a control, teacher as a demonstrator, pupils working independently, and teacher as an advisor when pupils are in control. The teacher can use IWB to produce a varied and lively interactive lesson which permits the involvement of students in information manipulation. Also, the IWB software called SynchronEyes enhances the learning of deaf students.


The incorporation of Socrative and interactive whiteboard can increase interactions in the classroom which enhances rapport and communication. The lessons often become lively and interesting when the technology tools are incorporated into the learning process. The enhanced rapport and communication results in better students’ performance.



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