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How is Virtual Reality affecting our lives? What is the future of Virtual Reality? Is it possible that we live more there and less here? What are the advantages and disadvantages of VR?



Virtual reality is one of the powerful technologies holding the tendency to change the lives of the human beings completely. Its future implementation is guaranteed by many of the researches working to make VR the part of our lives. However, the entire researchers look into the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. VR is good for entertainment, medical filed and automobile industry. On the other hand this technology will be harmful physically and ethically for the people getting its exposure even for a small passage of time. This research will be highlighting both sides of the technology.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, powerful technologies, Future implementation, Advantages and disadvantages

How is Virtual Reality affecting our lives? What is the future of Virtual Reality? Is it possible that we live more there and less here? What are the advantages and disadvantages of VR?

I. Introduction:

Virtual reality is a phenomenon through which a realistic experience is given by the computer bases scenario. Researchers have find out that the whole idea of virtual reality is affecting the lives of the human beings in both positive and negative ways. Although the concept of virtual reality has been with the human beings from quite a long period of time but the actual implementation of this idea is seen in the present time. Engaging entertainment and better designed cars are some of the benefits of virtual reality while some serious health dangers are also found with this issue (Koltko-Rivera, 2016).

II. Literature review:

It is safely assumed that virtual reality leaves no definite results other than bringing changes in our lives. If the virtual reality is developed in time, then the future of virtual reality can be very bright. Although the researchers believe that soon virtual reality will be developed without any flaws but they also believe that the exposure to virtual world should be limited since it has some adverse effects. The development of this technology can leave human beings with problems which at times can become hard to be handled. Commonly the researchers believe that virtual reality creates problems which can either be physical or psychological in their context (Patel, 2017).

Starting with physical problems, there are certain health issues created by being a part of the virtual reality. By remaining in the technology of virtual reality, it is possible that the person suffers from motion sickness. Shifting in the perception occurs in the technology of VR. This ultimately makes the person to suffer from nausea and similar kind of feelings after spending a specific period of time in the environment of virtual reality. Changes in the inner ear occur during the exposure to virtual reality which creates feeling of nausea often experienced by the people while travelling on any medium of transportation. The effects of nausea on the person differ (Pene, 2016). Some people may feel effects for a short period of time while others may suffer from the technology of VR for several hours. The sensation experienced by the people is also termed as ‘cyber-sickness’.

Time constraints are another problem related to virtual reality. In the business world time is money. Listening to the fact that developing virtual reality takes an amount of time which cannot be determined before makes the enterprise to stay away in this technology. No enterprise then believes to invest in the idea of virtual reality as their biggest investment in field of technology (Blissing, 2018). Moreover, all the researchers working so far on Virtual reality rely on one another and the already existing sources related to virtual reality. The more realistic a virtual word, the more time it will be taken by this technology to be developed.

This is not the complete picture to the idea of virtual reality. Virtual reality holds some advantages as well. Virtual reality will bring innovation in the field of entertainment. Visiting places will be easy since people would not have to leave the comfort of their homes. Other than this, medical researchers are helping the developers in establishing the virtual reality surgery techniques. Overall, the quality of life is believed to be improved with the help of the virtual reality in our lives. Hence this is the reason that the expected sales of virtual reality is believed to increase in the future (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Projected unit sales of virtual reality devices

Cited: (Moreno & E. Mayer, 2016)

III. Method:

To analyze the effects associated with virtual reality, secondary and primary research method were used. In the secondary research method various journal articles and the data from different books related to virtual reality was gathered. However, in case of primary research the primary research was done using a questionnaire and interview with the related field. The questionnaire was mostly distributed among the students of IT and related field. An equal male to female ratio was kept while conducting the survey. One of the professors from United Arab Emirates University named Al Dhaheri was interviewed. Most of the questions asked were revolving around the positive and negative consequences of the idea of virtual reality.

IV. Results:

Questionnaire Results:

The results concluded after survey carried through questionnaires (Appendix A) can be represented in the form of table. The results have been presented in the Table 1:

Question Number Yes No
1 76% 32%
2 52% 45%
3 12% 44%
4 66% 22%
5 77% 10%

Table 1: Results of the questionnaire

Interview Results:

After conducting interview the results were found to be in favor of the virtual reality and its implementation in the future lives.

V. Discussion:

After looking at the result of the questionnaire, several outcomes can be generated. Although people in favor of the virtual reality are high in number which is nearly equal to 76% but there comes up a conflict when the negative effects of the virtual reality are discussed. Such people believe that higher amount of risk lies on the children who are being exposed to virtual reality at young ages. Similar kind of result was obtained from the interview as well. Professor believed that no doubt virtual reality is a good thing but the children will be the one having at most risk in this situation.

VI. Conclusion

Virtual reality is powerful technology holding the tendency to change our lives. However, there are two sides of the story which should be considered while being in favor of the virtual reality. VR can innovate the way we live while bringing changes in the fields of entertainment, medical and automobile industry. However, it will come up with physical and ethical issues as well. People feel nausea after getting exposure of the VR. Other than this, children suffer the most.


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Appendix A- Questionnaire

Answer the following questions in the form of yes/ no.

  1. Have you heard about the technology of virtual reality?
  2. If virtual reality transforms your living style with its both positive and negative aspect, will you accept the change?
  3. Virtual reality is a health concern do you believe it should be implemented in our future lives?
  4. Virtual reality will transform our living style with respect to travelling and other medical procedures. Do you believe that the idea is worth implementing?
  5. Overall, are you in a favor of the idea of virtual reality?

Appendix B- Interview

  1. Do you have a practical exposure to the technology of virtual reality?
  2. Many side effects are there do you recommend this technology to be implemented?
  3. People need painless surgeries and virtual reality is working on it. Do you think it’s worth it?
  4. What is overall view about virtual reality?




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