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How Greeks Made Contributions To Global Culture?

The Greeks are deeply religious people and believe in gods. Paintings and sculptures are designed to represent their gods and goddesses. Sanctuaries respect many gods, such as Heracles, Zeus at Olympia, Demeter, and her daughter Persephone at Eleusis. During funerals, animal sacrifices are made, and the burning of the diseased who’s as is later kept in a tomb.

Men in ancient Greece ran the government and drank beer with friends to entertain themselves. Women have limited freedom, and their work is to bear children and be in charge of the house when the husband is away. This paper shows how Greeks made contributions to global culture and the evidence available in towns or cities today.

Looking at your town or city, what evidence do you find of the cultural legacy of ancient Greece? Greeks believe in the way of life which is still present today in our community, especially in Hinduism. Hindus still believe in gods and goddesses, and they bow and worship them. Like the Greeks, Hindus make paintings and sculptures representing Ishvara, who is their god. In Hinduism, when a person dies, they cremate their body and store the ashes in a pot. Hindus believe that their gods offer them protection and guide them on how to deal with daily life challenges (Bowra and Cecil, 1961).

What unique contributions did the Greeks make to global culture? In ancient Greece, men ran the government. Many countries today still believe that a man is a better leader compared to a woman. Presidents of many countries across the globe are men. Also, men occupy prominent positions in government. Women’s role in many countries is still associated with housework and bearing children. Many men believe that a woman should stay at home, and he, as a man, goes out there to contribute to matters of state.

Ancient Greece’s way of life has made a move into our society today. Beliefs of the past generation are important to some people and communities at large. Painting and sculpture show people’s talents and creativity. It’s important to understand the origin of a belief that contributes to the way people live in modern society.

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