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How does the Danimal project shed light on and challenge the principles suggested to manage the base of the pyramid?

The Danimal project faced many challenges. The company had no idea whether the target market, shops, and schools of this area had fridges as to keep yogurt fresh it had to be maintained at a specific temperature. They resolved this challenge by using a GPS system to track the location. The company had to formulate a strategy to find out how long yogurt can stay fresh outside the refrigerator, they also had to decide the package size by thinking of what a proper serving might be for a family. The biggest challenge the company faced in the delivery system of their product. As the most of the distributors were unqualified, there was a risk of theft of products from the trucks and possibility of the driver taking extra money. To account for this challenge Danimal changed their reporting structure, they removed cash by adding electronic system and made the Danimamas owners of the products to remove any risk on themselves.

  1. How would you measure the success of the Danimal project?

The success of the Danimal project can be measured by the improved financial status of the Danimamas. It was the passion and dedication of the Daniladies and Danimamas as well as the passion of Pretorius which became a reason for the project success. The success of the Danimal project can be measured by the level of innovation and the learning that Pretorious achieved from the project. The product sold at a high number and the company generated a lot of revenue from a project that was intended to be a targeted for poor people. As the product was introduced in the Danone market, the company learned that success of a product is not in following a predefined structure and companies have to use innovation in their plan sometime. The success can be evaluated by the increased sale of the product when the company delivered a tasty and nutritious product to a population that was malnutrition.

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