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How Does Commentator Connect with the Guests?

The interview starts by introducing the guests and then greets them. The commentator has also used small talk to help the interviewees feel relaxed. The commentator Matt jokingly asked Boomer questions before proceeding to ask Phelps mom a question. ”Boomer let me start with you”; this statement sets the tone for the interview. It is also a great way to build rapport before going deeper into the interview. The interviewer asks questions on the past events.

How has the interview been organized? Explain

The interviewer was asking one question at a time. The commentator took turns to ask the questions. They were in control of the interview and the interviewers did not steer off topic. The question was clear and concise. The first commentator was asking the questions first and one he was done, the second commentator continued with asking the questions. They take turns in asking the questions. Each interviewee is given the chance to answer the question.

Did the commentator achieve his or purpose? Explain why or why not

Yes, the commentators were able to achieve their purpose. They were able to get the answers from the interviewees. Their main purpose was to find out how Phelps mom and fiancé felt about Phelps winning the Olympic gold medal. Debbie said, “It’s just remarkable”. Johnson, Phelps fiancée also had the same feeling on Phelps winning the gold medal. From the interview it was evident that Phelps is dedicated and gets his motivation from his son. The interviewers concluded by thanking the interviewees.

What other things should be considered

Other things to be considered include starting interview with simple questions which the interviewee can answer easily. Such questions will make the interviewee at ease during the interview. Simple questions will enable the interviewee build rapport with the interviewer.



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