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How did the abolitionists criticize slavery? How did abolitionism and antislavery politics go from being marginal, pushed by a small group of people, to becoming popular in the North?

The abolitionist movement was a revolutionary movement in which the main goal was to end slavery in the nation. The main aim was to change the minds of the American democrats. The Southerners were completely fed up with slavery, and they wanted reform that could end slavery. The abolitionists criticized the North as arrogant and dictatorial as they didn’t respond to their problems. The abolitionists criticized slavery in a way that it was a sin and a sign of shame for the developing and prosperous American Nation.

The movement was seen to be very powerful in the southern regions, but at the same time, since the north had fewer problems than comparatively the south, there was no chance the north would be involved in this movement. To raise awareness of what was going on in the southern region, the writers, public speakers, and activists played an important role. One of the best writers of that time, Stowe, wrote a dramatic story that was found to be a best-selling novel across the northern regions even though she hadn’t visited the south ever. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a step forward, and he explained slavery as the worst practice as well as portrayed it as one of the worst evils in the practical human lifestyle. He also shows the men and women as sympathetic creations and Christians at just the mercy of the slaveholders. He showed an extremely epic drama of slavery that produced a powerful appeal from the common public.

American public speakers, as well as activists, played an important role in moving the abolitionist movement from just a margin to a great reform in the northern territory. Some incidents and actions by the courts also helped in increasing the process of development of the abolitionist movement. One of the main reasons that ignited the slow and steady abolitionist movement was the unethical and unjust decisions of the federal court, which even dismissed the state courts. The best example of this is the Dret Scott Ruling’s case in which Scot himself, his wife, and two daughters claimed to live freely as they lived once in the free state, which was approved by the state courts, but after a while, when the case was reopened in the federal court with different circumstances, all the four members of the family were again enslaved which caused a disturbance in the African-American community.

The abolitionist movement was also found to be increasingly popular among the African American community because, according to the official, everyone was declared to be a free and equal individual in society except the African American ones. After the court’s announcements, outnumbered riots were seen all over the world, including the deadliest ones, which ended in the deaths of hundreds and thousands of people. The success of the abolitionist movement was achieved at the end of the Civil War in the year 1865. Outnumbered activists before had already given a lot of knowledge about the drawbacks of slavery to the suffering communities that there was no chance they could ever step back.

In a nutshell, it can be explained that slavery is one of the most aggressive terms for the African American community, and they don’t even want to listen to it. They should not be blamed as they were the only ones who suffered slavery from the start of history till the abolitionist movement. Moreover, it could be concluded that after slavery, American prosperity was lesser than comparatively after the period of slavery.


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