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How did Darwin Define Charity?

Darwin defined charity as the act of offering an opportunity to the less fortune in the society. According to him, impulsive charity was a form of controlling the poor from misbehaviors, which had drastically increased by then. Charity was divide into public and private where public was offered by the government while private was offered by individuals and private organizations.

Evolution is the idea that species change over from time to time into forms that are more complex. Evolution is traced back to antiquity from idea of ancient Greeks, Chinese and Romans plus medieval Islamic science. It is anticipated that the idea came began when biological taxonomy had two opposed ideas including essentialism.

  • How did Lucretius explain his idea of “survival of the fittest”?

Lucretius explained survival of the fittest that, there are certain races that nature does not give qualities and characteristics that can make them live on their own, this category of races depend on the mercy of some individuals in the society for their survival and benefit. He further goes ahead to explain that these group of people are hampered by chains of their own up to the time when nature brings them to an end.

  • According to Darwin’s “Descent of Man” how does the treatment of disease and care of the mentally ill hurt humankind?

From Darwin’s perspective, the weak hurts humankind in that when they survive, they propagate and bare offspring’s of their kinds. This is very dangerous to the humankind in that the race of weak will continuously seek sympathy from the strong in the society hence hindering prosperity.

  • How did George Hunter’s biology textbook from 1914 promote the idea of the survival of the fittest?

George Hunter promoted the idea of survival of the fittest when he came up with a book talking about how the weak can be improved just like domestic animals. He stated that when marrying, there are certain things to be considered like freedom to ensure that a weak species are not brought up in a marriage, since giving propagating weak people in the society is just an additional burden.

  • What were some negative results of the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial revolution came with advantages and disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages include overcrowding in the cities and child labor where children are exploited in labor provision. Other negative effects included pollution both in the air and water, health and sanitation problems and families in the rural areas experiencing problems adjusting to the syndicate rosters.

  • How did William Blake’s understanding of God differ from a Deist perspective?

According to William Blake’s understanding, God is like a blacksmith. He refers to God as a Blacksmith due to His artistic nature of creating the World to its fulfillment. This much different from Deist perspective in that while William considers God as blacksmith and creator who exists up to date, Deists consider to have existed during creation of the world and after the world was complete and everything set in motion, He vanished having no interaction with what happens after the creation.



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