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Does homework help to improve academic achievement?

The start of each school day rekindles the debate on the benefits of homework to students. Some parents consider it as an important tool for helping their children to improve their academic performance as well as nurturing important skills like time management. Others consider homework a waste of time and a source of boredom. They also say that homework prevents their kids from participating in other important activities such as playing. Notwithstanding the varying opinions out there, the benefits of homework outweigh the detriments.

There are some qualities of a student that goes hand in hand with academic achievement. Some of them are good time management, ability to set priorities, problem solving skills, ability to work independently and much more. All these skills are essential for academic achievement. This article sheds some light on the connection between homework and academic achievement.

Homework and the transition to secondary school

Homework plays a vital part in the academic performance at primary level and the transition from primary to secondary education. In the process of doing homework, students develop essential skills such problem solving, working independently, time management, among other things. If a student develops these skills at the primary level, it is possible that s/he will easily adapt to the learning environment at the secondary level. Therefore, it is important to teach the students about the importance of assignment from a young age so that they will get used to it as they grow.

However, one may wonder how assignment helps students acquire essential skills. Consider a parent who sets a specific place from where her kids will do their assignments. The parent also ensures that every time the kids come to the assignment station, they carry the necessary tools to complete the homework. With time, the kids will get used to the routine, and they will always carry all that is required for the assignment without being reminded. The parent may also set a specific time for completing the assignments every day. Therefore, the kids know when to go and what to carry to the assignment station. In the process, the children know how to organize their work and plan for their time.

The parent may also allow the student to work on the assignment alone and only help when they seriously need her assistance. In the process, the children will acquire important life skills like time manage and remaining organized-organization skills. All these skills are essential for academic achievement and transition to higher learning.

Normally, assignments have fixed deadlines. A student is, therefore, required to submit a well-done assignment before the deadline. Failure to honor deadlines may attract disciplinary actions or poor performance due to penalties. The students are, therefore, forced to complete the homework before the due date to avoid the repercussions. Such an experience is important in learning time management skills.

A student who can work independently can achieve more academically. The student does not have to wait for the approval of the teacher to do what is expected of him or her. The learner can set priorities and manage his or her time well. S/he is also able to solve most problems on his or her own. In short, the student becomes a responsible person who can take control of his/her education. All these characteristics are vital to higher learning.

Collaboration between school, student, and parent

Homework promotes collaboration between the school, student, and parent, and as you know, this collaboration is vital for good performance in school. Through the teamwork, parents can monitor the progress of their kids in school. Therefore, it makes it easy to discover the challenges that the students may be facing in their learning, and intervene on time.

Good cooperation between teachers and parents goes beyond the mere reporting to the parents about the performance or conduct of a student. It is a relation that avails a two-way information flow where parents and teachers can easily learn about the kid’s achievement and behavior. It also allows parents to inform the teacher about the complementary features at home. It offers a way for teachers to request and support active participation of the parents in the education of their kids at home. The cooperation provides a link between school and home learning activities.

Parents always have the firsthand information about the child. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to take full advantage of the information to easily understand and assess the student. Having firsthand knowledge about the conduct of a child at home and in school is useful to the teachers as they can carry out well-balanced assessments of the learners. They can discover a child with special needs and help him or her accordingly.

The good relationship between teachers and parents helps in improving the academic performance of a student. As mentioned above, homework is important in building this important relationship. It indirectly helps in enhancing the performance of a kid at school. Therefore, the importance of homework cannot be overemphasized.

Reinforcement of class work

Homework offers students an opportunity to reinforce what they have learned in school. They can practice what their teacher has taught them and conduct further research on the same. The assignment gives the students a reason to consult their teachers or parents on the areas that they do not understand. In the process, they get a good understanding of the topic, and this translates to good grades. Academic achievement is, therefore, improved in the process.

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