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History and Anthropology Question Answers

Why Americans opposed Foreign military intervention

The United States is comprised of many cities whose togetherness helped the country to conquer other nations. The desire to remain neutral forced most Americans to oppose military intervention. The foreign military joined the war to help meet their interest, especially for their mother country. This form of interest created a rebellious environment that led to the rejection of intervention.

How and why did Roosevelt aid the British

The misunderstanding that existed in Europe and which led to the war break encouraged Roosevelt to support the British. He loaned weapons to the British to the conquer their threats. It was a well-calculated move from Roosevelt even though he advocated for the neutrality of his nation. He was not to support any country.

Why the United States emphasized war against Germany

The united states through their leader Roosevelt emphasized the war with Germany. Adolph Hitler was a dictator who targeted the big fish and wanted to be Germany the Superpower. He wanted to conquer other countries. Therefore, the United States of America intervened to neutralize the powers that Hitler employed against other states (Heinrichs, and Waldo, 1988).

Strains existed among the allies

During the war, the lack of sufficient weapons was a challenge amongst the allies. America played the game of neutrality whereas it tried to support some of the states. The American leader decided to loan weapons instead of selling them to the aggrieved countries. The main strains were lack of cooperation, unfavorable conditions, and poor weapons.

How Roosevelt saw the Grand Alliance as the basis for cooperation

According to Roosevelt, the Grand Alliance was a basis that could bring cooperation among the nations involved in the world war. The alliance brought together the communists, colonials,s and the capitalist. The alliance comprised the three powers involved in the world war hence the cooperation of the military was achieved (Gilbert, Martin, and Bernard, 1989). The unity enabled the strategic alliance to fight against the Axis powers. Due to the combined forces, Roosevelt was able to indicate his thought as the Grand Alliance was the solution to the world war.

How defense spending transformed the American Economy

After world war II the military needed funds and other resources, the government engaged in such a debatable procedure and secured some of the resources. The expenditure enabled the free flow of funds within the state people hence improving their standards. The purchase improved the American economy.

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