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Healthy eating guidelines: Can it be more palatable and convenient for consumers? by McCarthy

Food choices are among the highest number of choices people have to make in a day. For instance, people have to eat on a daily basis and everyone has a different way of arriving at his or her choice of food. Some prefer tests more than the nutritional benefits, and others prefer health benefits (McCarthy, Bolanos, and McCarthy, 2017). Therefore, in this paper, McCarthy’s article regarding food choices will be analyzed.

The article’s information is evidenced by research, therefore validating every argument brought about by the author. The article analyzes people’s motivations that make them choose certain foods more than others. The author uses information that was collected by the National Adult Nutrition Survey, thus making it more transparent and unbiased. Logical fallacies are errors in reasoning. The article’s author uses clear language that addresses her point clearly and precisely. All the arguments in the article are straight to the point and do not lead to ambiguous statements that could otherwise confuse the audience.

The author applies some rhetorical devices that have the purpose of making her audience memorize her main arguments. For instance, the word “food choices” is used in the article more than 2 making the reader memorize it since he or she read it more than twice in the paper (McCarthy, Bolanos, and McCarthy, 2017). The author uses only repetition in her article to stress her point.

From the analysis above, it is evident that the article is simple and clear for everyone to understand. The author does not use fallacies language that could render the whole article ambiguous and impossible to understand. Additionally, the arguments in the article are supported by evidence from research regarding the same. Therefore this makes the article a good choice to be included in the paper as it is simple to understand and its arguments are supported by evidence from unbiased research


McCarthy, S. N., Bolanos, E., & McCarthy, M. B. (2017). Healthy eating guidelines: Can it be more palatable and convenient for consumers?. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society76(OCE3).



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