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The center for disease control and prevention has been mentioned to have cited a greater achievement that has led to the longevity of American life. It has been credited with adding 25 years to the life expectancy of Americans in the 20th century. The life expectancy in the recent century is due to the improvements that have been made in social as well as public health. The health officers and epistemologies have stated that the increase in the last 200 years of life expectancy was a result of the control of infectious diseases that for over a longer period of time have been the main reason for the death of the number of citizens in America.

The first public health revolution was before the advent of advanced surgical techniques as well as antibiotics and this era has brought a lot of contributions to the increase of life expectancy in America. The great public health administration has concentrated on vaccination, a safer workplace, safer workplaces, healthier mothers and babies, family planning, and recognizing the impacts of tobacco on human health. The existing system in the health system has developed an adaptation in responding to public health threats. The vaccines for children have been developed so as to enable enough distribution of vaccines to children under the age of 5 who are in a position to be infected by a number of diseases (Austin, np).

For a number of years, the public has been arrogant about the factors that have led to the increase in life expectancy in America. However, this group of people is the one responsible for the past health situation that was seen in the past. Society needs to play a role in supporting the expanding of the increasing life expectancy to Americans and addressing the factors that lead to improved nation healthy.

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