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Happy Moments in my Life Essay

A person’s life is full of happy and sad moments. And there are other moments in which a person is neither happy nor sad. We all get good and bad surprises either from nature itself or from the people around us. Birthday surprises and celebrations do not really make me excited, and I seldom celebrate them. I just have the excitement to check who wishes me first. So this year, I really didn’t expect anything from anyone as nobody ever did this for me. My sister arranged and planned a surprise birthday party for me with my cousins.

This celebration literally shocked me as every year I just received wishes, and once in two years, I celebrated my birthday with my friends. This is because when a person starts getting mature, he really doesn’t feel like acting like a small kid wishing for balloons, gifts, and cakes. So that’s what my feelings were before this birthday. I felt odd and special, and that’s what they tried to make me feel on my day. After that day, I thought to myself that though our lives are busy, making somebody feel special once a year makes that person remember you the whole life. It’s not about birthdays even; giving good surprises to your loved ones once in a while makes them and yourself feel happy, and it gives them the realization that, yes, we have loving and caring people around us. The impact of that birthday party was that now I try to make people feel special around me once in a while by giving them presents etc., which I always wanted to do, but there had been a barrier of busy routine, which I have eliminated now.

Moving back a bit, some other happy and special moments that I experienced were those when I achieved good grades every year. These achievements always made my parents proud of me which made me happy. And these little yet special accomplishments have encouraged me to do so much more in life which makes my parents more proud and happy because of me. That will be the biggest achievement undoubtedly.

Just like we can’t forget the little happy moments, sad and depressing situations also stay in our minds for a significant part of our lives. I had always been attached to my paternal and maternal grandparents. Their presence has always made me feel loved and special. They were always there to pray for me, pamper me, and encourage me. Now all four aren’t with me anymore. They all have died to leave me depressed. I remember each and every moment spent with them and the moments of their death. After these depressing moments, I wish and pray that I don’t get to see any loved one’s death anymore, and if someone had to go, I should be the one. I don’t feel the power and strength to face any more loss. This is also due to my escapist nature. I seek escapism from the sad or difficult situations of life. I get so involved in my routine activities that any bad change in it disturbs me from within, and I pray to get numb and not feel anything.

I always felt proud and happy about my consistently good academic career. I don’t remember whether I asked myself the question what if I failed at some point in life? And that point did come in my life when I got an F grade in one of my courses. This F gave me a shock. I was like, “Did it really happen?” Though somewhere in my heart, I knew this would happen; I prayed to God for some miracle to happen. But God had to give me this F and had to make me realize through this that sometimes you’ve got to pass through failing situations and that failure teaches you a lot, which success cannot. I did cry a lot, but then I got stable and worked hard to pass. I have always been positive all my life, but maybe this was the test, and I did get a bit negative until I passed the exam. And through such difficult times, my family, friends, and my teacher all supported me and gave me the strength not to lose hope and move on.

All these happy, sad, and depressing moments make up our lives and teach us something. We change every second due to these changing moments and changing perceptions of life. All my happy and sad moments revolve around the level of connection and bond I have with my family. My reactions to these moments imply my sensitivity and emotionality towards relationships. This is because all the time in my life, I have seen them around being happy for me, proud of me, sad when I’m in pain, and being a support system. A person is never the way he is, but the experiences he has gone through and the people he is surrounded with. My sensitivity also shows itself in angry moments. I do have a bad temper that gets out of control but when it’s about risking a relationship, I control it for securing my relationship with my family and friends. Hence, prioritization is really important to keep.

Thus, all my happy moments encouraged me to live life to the fullest, while the depressing ones gave me the strength to fight difficult situations and also not to take anything or anyone for granted.



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