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Gun Ownership Laws Should Be Changed

A problem that has recently developed in our society is the debate over amendments to gun ownership laws. Many questions arise concerning who should be able to own guns and how those specific guns are obtained. For the past couple of months, the United States has recorded the deadliest massive shooting in its modern history. There has been an enormous killing of people along with exposure to violence in society.

In the recent incident that occurred in Las Vegas, around 58 people were killed, and there are no such steps taken to avoid this massacre. Moreover, lots of deaths that have occurred in various countries are due to homicides as well. It is an alarming situation, and gun ownership laws should be restricted and refined because they have increased the number of killings, exposed the usage of weapons to children, and increased the suicides that are associated with guns.

It is evident that the number of killings has increased due to past gun ownership laws. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to such deadly weapons, and the owners of these guns have no proper registration for them. With the increase in technology, new and impressive automatic and semiautomatic firearms are being used by gun owners without even having adequately registered with the state. Although gun control advocates are reviving their laws to tighten regulation on firearms, it won’t be enough as there are people who demand liberty and free will as well. Apart from free will, reviving gun ownership laws and restricting them more will secure the environment for a much more peaceful life.

It is evident that children of gun owners are more exposed to guns at a very early age, and they are using them on behalf of their guardians with no checks and balances. They are more exposed to violence, and numerous incidents have been reported regarding killings in educational institutes over a grudge. These children don’t know the consequences of being exposed to such weapons, and it is compulsory that the gun ownership laws should be revived as soon as possible. There should be a proper reason for owning a gun, including farming and hunting. The owner of the weapon must be fit and an appropriate person, and there won’t be any previous criminal records associated with him. Some people have contradictory statements regarding putting more restrictions on these laws. They have claimed that they own guns for their safety and that avoiding violence in society is the duty of intelligence agencies and state police (Fishwick and readers).

Many people suffer a lot of significant problems like unemployment and family issues, resulting in an enormous amount of stress. They are frustrated with their lives and bullied by everyone around them. They think that they have no reason to live, and the only thought that pops up in their mind is to kill themselves with the weapon that they own. It has been deduced by the reports collectively combined by various agencies that more than half of the suicides took place by gun owners. Either, gun ownership laws should be more scrutinized and revised so that the previous owners should be examined again thoroughly for having the right to own a gun or not. Reviving gun ownership laws and controlling them may cause severe damage to the family businesses of those who protect their livestock from coyotes. However, it is recommended that gun ownership laws be revised all over the world so that the annual percentage of killing of people associated with guns may be lessened (“Australia’s Two Decades Of Gun Reform”).

Hence, the massive killing of people with a gun inside societies has aroused the attention of various governments, and the gun ownership laws should be revised and amended. The children of gun owners are more exposed to these deadly weapons, which are a significant threat to society as it’s not the right age when children are usually immature. It has been reported that gun owners mostly commit suicide. The gun ownership laws should be either made more scrutinized or revised to create a peaceful environment for all.


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