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Gun Control Can Prevent School Shooting



The topic about gun control has people who supports the notion that citizens should be allowed to keep fire arms and then there are majority of US population who think otherwise. This debate has been going on since the late eighties. But recently in America, people are having a heated debate over gun control policies now more than ever. Both sides have some strong points that are justifiable but they also present weak arguments that put them in a very untenable position.

On one side there are fire arm regulation advocates who give the argument that by allowing every citizen to bear guns, it implies the government cannot protect its own citizen and if they are unable to do that then they cannot be trusted with anyone and instead of giving weapons to citizens, they should focus on strengthening the work place security such as in schools. The gun rights proponents say that citizens should be prepared for the worst case because in the end, the life of American citizen is paramount and should be able to defend when the help is not there. People against this idea say that it creates a rather hostile environment. Strict control on guns would result in a safer and controlled society. The gun rights activists argue that it can be used for going to hunt animals for food or leisure purposes for people who enjoy hunting and it gives a peace of mind to people that they are safer by bearing a gun than without it (Mackey & Levan, 2013).

The firearms regulations activists’ argument that there is no need for students or teachers to carry weapon instead strengthen the security of the schools and colleges, is a tenable argument. The weak argument they present is that it will reduce violence but it is not the case. A study was conducted that from 1980 to 2009, there has not been a significant reduction in crimes by banning weapons (Gius, 2014). The gun rights activists argue that the criminals will have no problem obtaining weapons illegally and the victim will not be able to defend himself/herself (Planty & Truman, 2013). The weak and frivolous argument of government supremacy and tyranny is weak since government is the care taker of the citizens and not the contrary (Müller, 2015).


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