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Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald Analysis

The “Great Gatsby” was written by author F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. It entails, ‘all the subjects of contemporary American life in which there is a high sense of lifestyle, promiscuity, extra-marital affair, unrequited-love, casual accident, lust, suicide, and murder come into interplay.’ Jay Gatsby is presented as an ‘enigma, a millionaire with his past who enjoys the ephemera he creates around him occasionally.’

The story is captivating not only because the plot is strong but also because every character in the story is full of essence and so mysterious. The end never gets predictable, so the concentration towards the novel remains. The scenes are not very loud but extremely and fashionably subtle. There are no strong indications but few effects that produce gravity in the story.

Every scene is full of drama, mystery, style, elegance, prose, and more. One account of Gatsby as a ‘pioneering story after which many amazing works came into being.’ Gatsby is a story that conveys how incomplete a person can be despite having all the possessions. It digs into greater and deeper qualities of life. “Gatsby gives everything physical, emotional and monetary in the way of his desire that ultimately leads to his downfall in which he remains lonely.”

It shows shallow social interactions and great emotional manipulation. There is cynicism in the fact that all the people who enjoy his parties dearly never even met Gatsby. This reflects the popular American culture of that time and symbolizes the tragic end of his craze. Gatsby provides an outlook on the ugly realities of this world and how people want something else but are bound. The story explicitly critiques the 1920s American Dream.

The story shows how empty a person and his life can be; all that seems to be an illusion. The things we impose on us and things we find peace in can also cause our destruction. Like Gatsby, anyone can still not be content after the attainment of all worldly possessions. The story has a very thoughtful touch, and the picture is painted brilliantly just before all the light is taken away, and the canvas appears black. The story, therefore, ‘is not only about American lifestyle or Gatsby’s desires, but there is more to it.’ It is the story of everyone who gets imprisoned by his desires and death can be seen as the only escape while life for others goes on. (Fitzgerald)

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