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Governments’ Reliance on the Prisons

Reasons for high rates of inmates return to jail after release based on Prison State movie

Prison State movie is an excellent exploration of the government’s reliance on prisons with the aim of solving problems. In the process, it results in a national crisis. The whole thing is characterized by increased prisoners in Kentucky prison from Beecher terrace and Louisville housing jail. Over $14 Million is spent yearly on the process of incarcerating people. The juvenile is reported to be detained as a result of poor academic performance, wanting behavior, and home issues. The early release of prisoners who are not violent is associated with the reduction of overcrowding and saving costs. The paper is a brief discussion of why some prison populations have an unusually high rate of inmates who have returned to jail after their release. And the possible factors that have contributed to this.

Unemployment. People with a record of crime find it challenging to secure a job. Job markets are very competitive no employer is comfortable with recruiting someone with a previous lousy reputation. Employers are interested in picking on only the best for the promotion of their services (Passow,1993). But usually, offenders who happen to secure themselves a job rarely do they return to jail again.

High living costs. Feeding, housing, and provision of medical care require money. Newly released convicts are faced with money problems to meet their basic needs. They are not guaranteed in securing a well-paying job or some business because of their records. They require money to cater for their dues and bills. Many of the prisoners resolve in doing wrong and weird things including abusing drugs which they believe they will reduce stress. And engaging in a robbery with violence, and theft among others which eventually send them back behind bars (Passow,1993).

Finally, to close up, imprisonment is not the only way to solve issues. It only leads to overcrowding and high costs of managing and housing the victims. The imprisoned people are angry, and upon release, they can be revengeful. There has to be excellent communication and implementation of ways that can help them reform in the best way possible to avoid their indulgence in crimes again. Ex-convicts should be granted some employment upon release to help them earn a living.


Passow, A. H. (1993). Blue ribbon commission on inmate management. Place of publication not identified: Diane Pub Co.



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