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Global Competition and the Hiring Strategies

This article is a report based on a survey concerning the skills and jobs in California. Organizations were forced to hire qualified workers from other countries because they lacked the skills locally. A survey and analysis was conducted which included nine diverse industries in California and it focused on the general financial welfare of firms, the gaps between workers recruitment and skills and the global competition and the strategies for hiring.
The firms in these segments indicated that they had plans in place which helped in dealing with the challenges in recruitment for the regular work positions. 50 percent of the firms affirmed that they had difficulties in undertaking the recruitment of possible employees to job positions on the permanent basis. The larger organizations mostly collaborated with institutes offering education and social media while high-tech organizations, as well as the professional, technical services and scientific organizations, utilized social media to counter the challenges in recruitment (Mulvey, 2014). Nevertheless, the strategies which have proven to be useful in countering the recruitment challenges are social media and the advancing advertisement efforts. Also, use of the staffing agencies and providing training for the current employees for the positions was reported to be effective (Mulvey, 2014).

Regardless of the various approaches the global competition while conducting recruitment of the tough to fill job positions increased from 13 percent in 2012 to 14 percent in 2014. Consequently, HR professionals must improve their strategies in order to find workforce who fit the work positions available. Therefore, partnerships with local institutions offering education will be helpful in dealing with the global competition in recruitment. Moreover, the collaboration between the private segment of the economy and some vocational institutions will help in the development of curricula which focuses on modeling the skills needed by employers locally.


Mulvey, T. (2014). SHRM Survey Findings: 2014 Economic Conditions—Global Competition and Hiring Strategies. Retrieved from



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