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Gilded Age in the United States

The early years of the twentieth century and the Gilded Age is known as the most progressive period in the history of United States because of the reforms in social economic growth happened during those times. The Gilded Age was between the twentieth century and reconstruction period in which most of the industrialization and urbanization happened. The other reason of calling it as a golden period because that time was also known as to be the age of innovation in which technology and science became the priority. The construction of advanced railroads and the big business reached to its rise. The government at that time was progressive and focused on the modernization of the state by fighting the corruption and giving the rights to businessmen. The rights of consumer came into being during that time with rights of immigrants and poor (Hovenkamp, 6).

The government emphasized special on the urban areas by increasing the number of voters through machine party politics. They increased the turnout of voters because that’s how the representative of those areas could also join the mainstream politics. Also, the reason behind machine party politics was the bosses who were powerful politicians wanted to increase their support so they increased the number of voters from the urban side. The urban area also progressed through the rapid and advanced railroad system because the travel became easy which benefited the business owner to take the raw material and goods from one place to other easily. This railroad system connected north to south to west (Johnston, 439).

The other most significant reform which was beneficial of the urban area was the rise in big business which brought the economic growth to boom in those areas. These reforms included the legislation which helped in protecting the rights of consumers, the labor class for their economic growth and especially minorities rights were started to get protection.

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