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“Get Out” Movie Review

In the United States of America, cultural and ethnic diversity has been deeply rooted in most societies for many decades. The major differences are between black and white people who are now enjoying equal rights and freedom in the country, but in the past, black people were the ones who lived a disastrous life with no rights and freedom.

Continuous struggles, movements, and dedication of black people made them African Americans, and now they are the national citizens of the country. The differences and hatred between black and white people still exist in many societies of the country. The main reason behind it is that the black people are considered as the colonized people who came to the United States in the form of slaves, and now they are national citizens of the country.

Similarly, a different perspective of black and white people differences is targeted in the recent movie, “Get Out,” directed by Jordan Peele and produced by Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum, and Edward H. Hamm Jr. The movie is a combination of laughter, horror, and sadness at the same time. It is mainly the story of a black man and his white girlfriend. The movie could be considered as a dystopian genre in which the director targeted the social and problematic societal issues such as racism that might be overlooked many times and taken for granted in many cases or scenarios.

Chris is a Black photographer with a white girlfriend named Rose. One day, they decided to meet with Rose’s parents. When they started their journey to meet the family, they reached the countryside and hit a deer. He died on the spot, and they moved further to report the police about the accident. Rose‘s parents, siblings, neurosurgeon Dean and hypnotherapist Missy made some awkward comments about black people. Moreover, it turned out that the white family stole the bodies and brains of black people.

Scholar Ann Lucille stated about this movie in her review, “They steal the bodies of the black people, part of the reason is that they are seen as disposable, but it’s also because the white thieves consider black bodies physically superior when – as happens quite routinely with athletes – “black muscle” can be useful if separated from its black mind, emotions, and politics” (Thrasher, 2017). It shows that the white people were the ones who considered that the bodies of black people were superior. At the end of the movie, the black man successfully escaped from the situation by killing many people at the house. He killed several people to save his own life. Otherwise, the white ones tried to kill the black man.

Furthermore, Ann Lucille states that they “project their latent desire for the black man’s penis onto white women and punish black men for a desire that is finally their own: to fuck a black man, to fuck like a black man, to fuck white women with a black penis” (Thrasher, 2017). She targeted another important point regarding the mentality of the white people that they have a desire to steal the penis of black ones so that they could feel superior to the black people. It shows that white people mostly always have a dominant nature and superior mentality that leads them to harm black people.

The genre of the movie depicts several important factors on the issue of racism and shows the dominant nature of white people over black ones. The nature of dominance not only includes hatred but also the fact that they mostly try to treat the black ones with superiority and consider them the ones who need to be treated like inferiors.

There are numerous movies that target the racism issue in the United States, but in this movie, the director added a fictional aspect that white people steal the bodies of black ones and implant their minds into their bodies, which is not possible in real-world societies easily. This aspect shows the hatred of white people for the black ones and the fact that the white family was cruel enough to take the bodies of black ones and implant their minds in their bodies.

In the past, white people used black people as slaves, but now the black ones are African Americans, so these white people try to harm black people in many ways. A similar thought is targeted in the movie “Get Out” to show the audience the latent desires of the white people to dominate their superiority over the black people. Still, in the modern world today, they never stop presenting their superiority over the black people. Get Out is no doubt a good piece, as I enjoyed writing about it most after its analysis. The director added several important points, which I really liked, such as the fictional concept of stealing black people’s bodies from white ones. I agree with the concept that white people want to dominate the k ones, and similarly, this issue is targeted primarily in the movie with the elements of fiction and horror. I want to give an “A” to the movie, as the movie surely has different flaws in it, but as a whole, I really enjoyed the movie and analyzed its meaning, which is great.


Thrasher, S. (2017). Why ‘Get Out’ Is the Best Movie Ever Made About American Slavery. Esquire. Retrieved 27 March 2018, from



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