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Undoubtedly, today’s world facing the challenge of immigration as there are many issues associated with the paradigm of refugees which needs to be addressed at an immediate level to provide an effective form of relief to the refugees around the world. It is crucial to understand that the refugees are underprivileged individuals as they are suffering from many forms of problems. These problems ultimately affect their quality of life. Our focus should be to take necessary measures to facilitate them as much as possible.

Refugee camps are considered as the crucial feature in case of refugees because these camps are known as the temporary homes for them. I always come up with the opinion that refugee camps should be designed as the way which facilitates refugee people as much as possible. These camps should be better placed for them so they can effectively deal with their other problems. I want to make some efforts for them by providing them with a better form of a refugee camp. I want to design the refugee camp that provides them assurance of security instead they live there with the sense of fear. The proper intervention of the refugees can be a helpful approach to design the more comfortable refugee camp for them.

Effective communication can be the great tool to understand what refugee wants in case of the refugee camp and how these recommendations can be applied in the form of reality. Protection should be my primary concern when it comes to design refugee camp for the refugees. There should be a better approach to effectively sustain the facets of distribution of resources for the refugees on an equal level. Consideration of the geographical aspect is also crucial as it provides a better approach for refugees’ access to alternative means of resources and options of employment. Site selection will be my basic concern in the provision of the better approach of the refugee camp to the refugees.



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