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Gender Equality Essay

Gender equality means providing equal opportunity to access resources and the variety of opportunities in the environment either its organizational or other institutional environment without focusing a specified gender like men, women and LGBTs. Every society has it’s own laws, rules and regulations in order to sustain a balanced atmosphere in the society like it’s in the law of every state or country that education is the basic right of every individual. The equality laws of a state always promote gender equality so that all the genders take benefit from the resources being provided to them. The gender equality laws try to over come issues like gender discrimination, inequity, biasness, and in equal distribution of roles like community, reproductive and the productive ones.

The gender equality laws in the economic sector provides platforms to women especially in developing countries to participate in economic activities like they can start their own business, they can participate in marking of economic policies. Such laws motivates the women in breaking the stereotypes in a particular society by giving and providing opportunities and platform. When there would be equal participation of all genders in a Particular society there would be developmental processes taking place. This will overcome the poverty issue like every Individual would be able to earn and produce the required goods for example equal participation in farming would result in better output. Both genders participate in the productive roles given to them to produce more crops.

According to Andors (1983), the concept of liberation has been extended by the Intellectuals which, according to Wolf (1985) postponed the revolution to the period of reform and it is argued that the discrimination against women has taken birth because of these economic reforms, this is not only one but it also failed in the upbringing of women to the equal levels of men. Liu (1995), mentions that the results can be noticed in the labor force which is stratified by the gender where women are forced to engage themselves in low paid occupations. Bian in 1987 says that it has created double burden of gender roles like family responsibilities and in the work field .With further additions Brave et am. (1992) add by mentioning that they women lack employment opportunities and they have low levels if educational backgrounds. Lastly Dalsimer & Ninsof (1984), Summer field (1994) write that during the economic reforms the layoff got higher and likewise the discrimination against hiring of women in the increased discrimination against women in hiring increased.

The changes in labour policy since the reform have had a profound but not always positive impact on women [4] . economic restricting has a very real and gendered bearing on women ,as reflected by their dilemmas and opportunities in unemployment ,re-employment and self-employment. In other words, for many women ,whether they are able to maintain a job, how they enter and exit from the job market, and what kind of jobs are available to them have been largely determined by the reshuffling of the labor force as a result of economic restricting. Self employment is an outlet for women to avoid the gendered job market,since one does not have to go through possibly discriminatory hiring processes and can to some extent choose the type of business, allowing women to transcend their traditional family roles, self employment has contributed to rise of a considerable number of prosperous individual business women in china.

However this has proven to be no easy undertaking for women because under china’s current conditions traditional gender roles in the family are yet to be reconstructed , individual businesswomen are often caught in a dilemma; on the on hand ,they have to be strong willed, smart and very hard working to compete in a still largely male dominated business world ;on the other hand , they are often expected to play the traditional motherly and wifely roles in the family ,though many of them cry out of understanding from society and their families [5].



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