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Fuddruckers Essay

It was first opened in San Antonio in 1980, with a classic American theme. Fuddruckers has franchises in more than 200 places in USA. They emphasis on the same thing today as it was in 1980. They say, “We use only the freshest ingredients.” They have their own bakeries to bake their own breads and dessert items fresh daily. It truly is a build your own meal experience (Krizman, 2009).

About Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a chain of restaurants based in Dublin, owned by US. There are more than 6600 Wendy’s restaurants all over the world. This restaurant is famous for its chili. The fact that they use fresh and never frozen beef and they have square shaped burgers. Unlike other restaurants, Wendy’s is not offering breakfast expect some of its restaurants. It was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American company founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. McDonalds is known to be the fast food restaurant. Moreover it is the world’s biggest restaurant chain by income. It has more than 36,900 outlets in more than 100 countries.

Comparison Target Market

Target market is the group audience where the business aims their effort.
Wendy’s target audience is age group between age (24 to 49). Mainly for the people who are busy in their schedule and like to eat on the go. Mainly populated cities are the main target of Wendy’s.

McDonald’s target audience is children between age 1-12 and families. Children who love happy meals and the workers who grab breakfast on the go. Busy areas mainly around parks and populated locations.

Fuddruckers target audience are the families who enjoy fast food-hamburgers


McDonald’s had seven burgers on its menu. According to MD’s website it has a quarter pound of pure beef with absolutely no fillers or additives. Just salt and paper is pinched over it so it’s thick and juicy.

Wendy’s had 10 burgers on its online menu, from the Dave’s Triple to the basic Jr. Hamburger. According to Wendy’s its quarter pound burger contains 100% North American beef with the freshest topping on a roasted bum (Meyer, P.).

Fuddruckers specializes in hamburgers. As Fuddruckers is not a traditional burger making restaurant so it prices are higher than the average burgers. But the quality and size you get is satisfying.

Interior/Exterior Décor

McDonald sets its boundaries in such a way they can manage any number of customers easily. The design of the building is same all over the world among all countries. But it may have a slight difference in size according to the location.
Interiors are made in such a way that they possess menu board’s artwork and graphics. If we talk about technology perks then they offer free Wi-Fi, programmed music and videos.

Wendy’s has bold curb features a modern design inside and outside. The model of this restaurant is known as smart 55, it is designed at a smaller footprint. The interior and exterior has energy efficient LED lighting. The interior include bright dining areas with multiple seating option.

Fuddruckers décor is in American traditional style. The interior of Fuddruckers offers seating of 147 people, including a private dining room, where families and teams can enjoy their meal with the capacity of 36 people.

Corporate Goals

According to Fuddruckers “Create lives worth living through serving others and making a positive difference in the community”.

According to Wendy’s “When daily people sort through all the ‘spin’ there is one quick-service restaurant that is. We stand for honest food… Higher quality, fresh, wholesome food… prepared when you order it … by the individuals that consider this is My Wendy’s. We do it Dave’s Way, we don’t cut corners.”

According to McDonald “To be our client’s favorite place to eat and drink. We are devoted to constantly improving our procedures and improving our clients’ experience” (Vignali, 2001).


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