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Free People Company Analysis

Blog post 1: individual brand brief

The company which we are focusing here is “Free People”. The company is oriented in clothing and lifestyle products and is one of the retail biggest companies (Placeholder1.) Free people focus on latest fashion trends for woman with respect to art, fashion, entertainment and music. The brand line extension for free people is very huge as they are offering the products such as accessories, clothes, beauty products, lounge as well as outer wear and intimates.

Since, women are the shining star in the fashion industry. So, free people target young women who love to wear trendy clothes and follow latest fashion line. There are a lot of brands who target market for both men and woman. But, the interesting thing about free people is they are targeting young woman who are crazy and passionate for fashion trends (Placeholder1) Another catchy thing about free people is they are targeting people through FP community which illustrates free people community. Hence, the vision of free people to target females those are small, creative, confident and comfortable in all era of life.

In market, a free person company comes among top 100 retail companies. Hence, competition is very strong. Direct competitors of free people company are Zara, Nasty Gal, forever21 and H&M. (Placeholder1) the competition is very much strong in market as woman are easily switchable towards other brands. As a result, free people company is struggling towards something new and creative that is always on the top of the eye.

Blog Post 2: Trend Relevant Images and Analysis

Free people consist of interesting trendy apparels that are always likable by women. Also, they love to wear them and represent the famous brand. The images will illustrates some of the shots by free people trends which are amazing.

Image result for free people retail company dresses Related image

Related image Related image

On the referencing of these above images, free company can entertain women with eye catchy colors and latest design oriented apparels. Also, they are targeting woman whose age is ranges from 25 to 30 years. You can illustrate by this age segment of women that in this age, women are more oriented and mature towards their choices and fashion. (Placeholder1) Free people are giving free choice to women to opt their trendy apparels and other beauty oriented products that are always likable by various people. Women that are more passionate, innovative, fashion oriented must adopt free people company products in order to get valuable items. Free people is targeting market niche of women and struggling to become most favorable brand for women. The company is creating image and positioning among the minds of women so that they can make an easy and interesting choice in their lives. (Placeholder1)The struggles of company always end up with trendy clothes that are loveable by women. Various women love to wear their company clothes and always feel confident and socially fightable. The above images are clear picture of fashion oriented products by free people. Choices can be made easy for woman who opt and select free people company.

Blog Post 3: Chosen Brand Consumer and Brand Profiles

Image result for free people retail company dresses Image result for free people retail company dresses Image result for free people retail company dresses Image result for free people retail company dresses Image result for free people retail company dresses

Free People Company is also considered to be globally as a part of URBN. Girls who are falling at the age of 25 or more are targeted by this company. One of the segmentation characteristic is that free people is targeting woman whose income range are high. (Placeholder1) Women’s feels love to engage in many activities in their life. Also, they are passionate towards fashions and adopting new life styles. Free people is exactly targeting those segment of women who love to travel, explore new things and wear something new that is always on the top recall mind. Women’s who love Donovan are targeted by free people company.

There are a lot of options for women’s to select their designs according to their desire. Free People Company is giving free and large space to women and selects the apparels and other product. As a result, women can select easily the product according to their desire. Products offered by company include dresses, shoes, jackets, outer wear, jewels and other gifts. (Placeholder1) Products are offered in various styles and design that are loveable by passionate and innovative women’s. Hence, the products are purely branded and defects free. Needs, wants and desires of thousands of women’s are fulfilled when they choose free people brand in their life. The age group of woman ranges from 25 to 30 years finds something new and creative. Free people company is giving them choice by providing huge platform of various products.

Blog Post 4: Colour Analysis

Image result for colour chart of clothes within free people brand

Colours are the interesting factor in clothing. Free people company opted trendy colours consist of WGSN and premiere vision gives multiple colours strategy. (Placeholder1)Women select the clothes on easy basis with this colour strategy. As a result, their desire and needs are fulfilled through it. (Placeholder1)There are many kinds of colour in clothing products such as black, red, white, orange, green, blue, skin, yellow and pink. Retailer uses the colours that are attractable by woman and according to trends

. Image result for free color chart

The above mention image illustrates the colour chart and different feeling associated with it. Hence, women can easily select their desired colours by free people clothes. The demand for colours such as white, blue, black, red, green, pink, mustard, brown, peach, off white and orange has increased and more ask able by women (Placeholder1). Also, grey, purple and dark brown can also take into account. Mixtures of colours can also be formed through WGSN and premiere which target young women. These colours can be implemented in tees, shirts, frocks, jackets and shoes. Choices and trends can change according to trends and free people company can quickly adopt that trend in order to become market competitive and gain high market share. Women can select their favorite colours and opt in their daily lives. In this way, they feel confident, glamorous and amazing in their life. Free people are always focusing on vision to make women happy and trendy so that they can feel beautiful as they can.

Blog 5: Textile Analysis

Related image Related image

Image result for prints by free people

The Textile Analysis is an idea that demonstrates the waving techniques and is used by free people company. It is very interesting technique which determines the nature of the material to be used and relative strength strategy. The above textile prints are unique and trendy which are used by free people company.

Image result for different kinds of fabric by free people

In order to creation of end and desired product, different kind of fabric can be used by free people who are soft, unique and favorable. (Placeholder1) Textile procedure is made by different techniques and tools as a result, end product can be made. The company can deal and tackle different kind of fabric in daily basis. Furthermore, waving techniques can be used in order to become easy the final product. (Placeholder1) The analysis of textile by free people company is very interesting and latest design can be oriented on it. As a result, more and women’s start attracting and buying these designs by free People Company. The company can completely analyze the nature and type of fabric and then put the design according to it. Hence, it’s a very broad and unique process as the final product is completely associated with it.

Image result for fabric procedure by free people company

The en product through this design is artistic and creative. Thus, textile designs may be of floral prints, boxes, circle or squares that are combined to make an amazing fabric print. This process is monitored and looked by various free people fabric maker that are very expert and professional in their field to generate outcomes.

Blog 6: Literature Research Methods and Review

Analysis of brand and competitor:

Free people attract young women’s age ranging from 25 to 30 years (JEMMA, 2014). Hence, a free person is a well known brand as the company is offering wide ranges of products. These products include cloths, jackets, shoes, outerwear, accessories, beauty, FP movement and various dresses. Direct competitors of brand are ZARA, H&M, Nasty Gal and forever2. These brands are having wider niche market and target male and females. While, free people is feminism oriented brand that targeted certain group of woman at certain age level between 25 to 30 years. Free people are focusing on premium pricing strategy as the retailer demand high pricing strategy for its brand. Hence, the chances of losing more customers are high due to high pricing strategy (Toni, 2017). Disadvantage lie for the free people company can lose customers due to high prices. Competition can beat also in another area which is known ad international brand recognition. Direct competitors such as ZARA, H&M, Nasty Gal and forever21 are having strong brand recognition. Free people s a brand which is having weak recognition across the globe. International brand recognition is an important tool that helps the positioning of the brand. If the brand is properly registered in the target consumer mind, recognition can sustain. But, if the poisoning is not created properly in consumer mind, in the case of free people company, most of the people cannot recognize them. Thus, it is efficient for free people company to do a strong brand recognition process in the mind of consumer so that brand can achieve its target. One of the term competitor advantage means that your brand is providing something unique as compare to other competitor in market. Free People Company is lacking in this factor as, they are having weak competitive advantage. (Emiller10, 2014)


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Forecasting of trends:

Trend forecasting is an important tool as it leads company to achieve its goal in efficient and effective manner. This can be done through forecast previous and current situation and generate some outcome through it. Through this analysis, company can forecast the trend in best way (ABBAS, 2013). Product lifecycle is one of the theories in trend forecasting. Hence, in PLC (product life cycle), we are in intention to create the stage at which specific fashion design so that we can easily forecast the future. Sales and number of adopters are properly reviewed so that forecasting can be done. For instance, sales are at the initial stage, than it is easy to forecast the sale on future basis. In another perspective, if the adopters are falling under masses, it is forecasted in this way that industry can bear downfall along with late adopters. Trickle theory approaches are also used in many ways within industry of fashion. The theory illustrates that lower class people copy the upper class people activities, life style, consumptions etc. (AMADEO, 2018) when we look at these things, like trickle theory approach, we can look that fashion industry can grow easily in this way. So, trickle approach is well resource to forecast trends in fashion industry.

Image result for images of product life cycle Image result for images of product life cycle


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Market based intelligence:

A free person company is briskly gaining the market share in the evolution of 2001. Hence, evolution that is to be follow is under the urban outfitters to increase and create innovative things. (PETERSBURG, 2014) Free people is attracting women’s whose age group are between 25 to 30 years. Hence, due to targeting the feminism, brand is leading towards success in smoother way. The experience of shopping with free people company is always unique and interesting. Products are hand dyed and hand knit in free people company, which is always unique and interesting. The social media influence impact high on people without any cost. Free People Company uses the online platform actively and provides entire information to people throughout the world. Free people bear inconsistencies with respect to brand in market intelligence. (Tomasik, 2014) There are a lot of websites where poor connection is established between individual and brand is established. Free people are somewhat suffering from it. So, the recommendable strategy is to research about targeted consumer needs and wants in order to achieve goals and mission of the company.


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Macro factors analysis with respect to trends:

There are multiple extra factors that can affect the performance of operation. Factor includes psychological, social, governmental, and politics (Meade, 1952). When we talk about sociological changes, free people company experiences the variations and attitude of customers. Psychological factor illustrates that how individual participate in the activity regarding fashion trends. Global economy is the complete analysis of economy throughout the globe. It is an important tool in forecasting which are used by forecaster in many situations. Hence, it focuses on how consumer behaves when they are entertained with fashion oriented product. There is always comes a point when the global economy is match with our requirements. Political influence can affect trade and alliances. Other factors include science, technology and unfocused event can also influence the operations of free people company. In 19th century, industrial revolution is huge responsible for the extended production of latest technologies. (Flannelly, 2017)


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Blog Post 7: Print, Silhouette and Design Detail Analysis

The process of Print, Silhouette and Design Detail Analysis by free people company is processed uniquely in order to generate the final product that is according to needs and wants of women’s. (Placeholder1)Printing process is an important consideration that is always likable by women. Customers are having different choices and demand, thus, free people feels difficult to differentiate the women choice. Free People Company conducts a complete marketing research process that is according to need, want and desire of women. Beside this, free people also adopt silhouettes in order to create the end and desirable product. Multiple silhouettes are created depends upon the variety of product. (Placeholder1)The below image describes different silhouettes varying with different product that free people company can opt in order to generate the final product that is likeable by women’s.

Image result for Silhouettes for Dresses by free people

Image result for Silhouettes for skirts by free people

Free people uses silhouettes to create jackets, shirts, frocks, skirts and many more things for women. Hence, design analysis can be done through these silhouettes. In the absence of these silhouettes, it is difficult for free people to create the product that is according to desire of women. Hence, it’s important factor to take silhouettes and prints like other brands so that market completion can beat and according to need and desire of women. (Placeholder1)Free People Company always runs with the vision to meet the demand of certain targeted group of women so that they can feel confident, desirable and glamorous. Hence, Print, Silhouette and Design Detail Analysis by free people are noticeable produce according to needs.

Blog Post 8: Recommendations

Many women can predict the brand according to their own understanding and desirability criteria. Hence, trend should be created in unique manner so that goals and objectives can be met easily. Free people production department must be take trendy criteria as an important factor so that competition can beat and more women can opt to choose free people company as their first choice. Needs and want of customers must be properly identified so that it can properly match the criteria. Trends should be conducting through compete marketing research method and furthermore, the product must be created. One of the recommendations is for the marketing department, that whenever the trend is introduced, tries to test them in exhibitions, festivals and other clothing contest. So that proper results can be conducted in this way. One of the weaken point by free people company is their competitor. In this way, promotional strategies must be introduced so that these weaken point can overcome. Brand awareness can attract more potential as well as targeted customers. Audience must be properly engaged in these festivals so that proper trend analysis can be conducted. Other promotional strategies must also be introduced so that awareness can be created among a woman that ranges from age group 25 to 30 years. As, it will influence the other departments as well, which will lead the efficiency and effectiveness of free people company.

Blog Post 9: Team Evaluation and Personal Reflection

Efficiency of teamwork:

Free people team works is remarkable, as they assign each individual with a role according to their strength and weakness. Thus, goals can be achieved easily though it. A free person uses Belbin’s team role theory which is considered to be very useful in conducting their activities.

Personal performance evaluation:

When we talk about personal evaluation, mine believe is that I perform according to the desired criteria. Since, my performance will directly infer the overall goal and vision. The creation of best team makes me superb and confident so that I can perform well. I also intended to finish my all task before the deadline. As a result, I feel better and superlative in this regard.

Enrichment of skills and ability:

Listening, communication, report writing and teamwork were enriching through it. Every member in the team is of different belief; I accommodate them and appreciate their beliefs. Also, my communication confidence can become more powerful through it. Analysis of different situations can be judged in this way.

Recommended changes:

First change I will like to say is the creation of team. As, team was based on my friend relationships, so I recommended to create team based upon strangers. Secondly, the approach of report has to be altered. In this present scenario, task was assigned to individuals, while I recommend the group based task so that things can be conducted in most precise way.



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