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Frank Gehry

How Gehry utilize his artistic design(s) to solve problems dealing with function

Frank Gehry is an architect who has designed many buildings including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. His design of philosophy and style influences design process as well as the software he utilized. He utilizes his artistic designs through solving the problems by dealing with function considering architecture to be an art form (Jung, Al Qassimi & Awad, 2021). He manipulates the project’s constraints before expressing his creation. Gehry architecture expresses itself, unlike modernism buildings that cannot be faceless. This is why he treats each structure as if it were a sculptural item, and each piece of architecture as if it were a painting. Art is Gehry’s inspiration, and the artist is his idol (Gehry, Lloyd & Shelden, 2020). Like Cubist artists, Gehry designs beyond the limits of frequency. Gehry’s architecture does not have specific rules, it is open and immersive.

According to Gehry, what does art do for humanity?

According to Gehry, a designer’s goal is to develop what people want to be a part of, something they want to visit and enjoy to improve their lives (Jung, Al Qassimi & Awad, 2021). According to Gehry, architecture is an attempt to convey human feelings through endless elements. Gehry believes that people are the most important part of building design. As a result, Gehry developed a statement to improve the structure of the building, improve the human experience, and create a place where people love to live. Gehry hopes to inspire and motivate people with his plans (Gehry, Lloyd & Shelden, 2020). Finding ways to express feelings and emotions within a structure is essential for connecting and influencing people. Gehry uses the human side of decoration, but not in the postmodern sense. Gehry frees his work from historical constraints because he believes that buildings must determine time and place.


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